In the Band
January 15, 2013
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In the Band is the tenth episode of Adventures of Sonic and Orange. It aired January 15, 2013.

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A band called the Jingles have a concert. However, Dr. Tacoman tries to ruin it. Sonic and Orange put a stop to this. For saving the band, Mike Johnson, the lead singer, lets Sonic and Orange join.


The episode begins with Mike Johnson, in downtown, handing out flyers for the concert. Many people are interested, and he runs out an hour later. Dr. Tacoman gets one and finds an excellent idea. He can ruin the concert, therefore getting revenge. Sonic and Orange get an update about the doctor about to plot his evil plan. Sonic suggests they wait a bit, because the concert is going to start the day after tomorrow. Meanwhile at Dr. Tacoman's lair, he plans on going to the band room and sticking honey into instruments. For percussion, he will hide them in an unexpected place. With the help of Katie, they will untune guitars until the concert could never happen.

George Sparks appears on the news announcing that the concert will be tonight at the Norman High School Gym. Sonic and Orange hear this and get set to stop Dr. Tacoman, at least before half of the instruments have been ruined. Mike Johnson takes a peak backstage to see what's going on. He blames Sonic and Orange, and calls the police. But when they identify Sonic and Orange, they realize their the ones who saved the city from evil. Mike runs back to the music room to blame Dr. Tacoman, but it's too late. All of the instruments have been ruined, and there was only half an hour left. The doctor runs away yelling "Now you'll never perform!". However, with Sonic's speed, he was able to reach Dr. Tacoman and arrest him.

Even though the doctor has been arrested, they still had the instrument issue. Luckily, Orange is a good scrubber, and they were able to finish in no time. Mike lets Sonic and Orange join the band for saving the concert, and they play one of their most popular songs, Good Day. Sonic plays guitar while Orange plays clarinet. The spectators loved the performance and the episode ends with Sonic and Orange playing the last few notes.

Additional Information


  • "Good Day!" by the Jingles


  • Roger Craig Smith as Sonic / Mike Johnson
  • Daran Norris as Orange
  • Matthew W. Taylor as Dr. Tacoman and additional characters


  • Orange is shown to be very talented in this episode.
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