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Cquote1 I'm not scared Tavor. I have no reason to be. I'll be with Mom and Dad again. It'll be under a circumstance I wish differently, but I'll see them again. The sun will keep shining, and the wind will keep blowing. And I'll sleep on. Cquote2
Imre the Raccoon.


Imre is a young raccoon that has the average weight and height of one. He has a white muzzle and the ears are also white. He has deep brown eyes and a light brown "mask" that encloses them. His hair is a dark brown with light brown tips that is styled into a braid that goes down his back.

His attire consists of a very strange jacket like clothing. The jacket is black with a cyan end and is long sleeve, and it reaches past his knee. The strange is that similar to Blazes dress, it splits down the middle once it gets toward the waist and it sticks outward. He wears white gloves with sock like cuffs, and his shoes are brown, lace up boots.

He also carries some sort of pocket watch type object that often dangles from a cyan belt. He ends up giving it to Tavor, and the reason why he carried it around and why he gave it to his brother is unknown, though he did whisper it into Tavors ear before dying.


Imre is said to have been the perfect child. He was sweet, kind, and fearless. He was loyal to his parents until they passed, and still remained loyal to his brothers even as a young child. He also believed in justice, and the sacrifice of the few got the many. His sense of justice, though, eventually led to his untimely death.

Imre was very kind and loved everyone and any he had met. He was also willing to help complete strangers, as seen when he attempted to stop Mr. Gold from stealing a poor womans gold watch and then murder her. He also loved to play, and would share any of his toys to some other kid, not only so that they could hang out and play together, but to also let the kid know that he was willing to share and wasn't stingy nor greedy.

He was also very brave, though one could mistake it to be childish foolishness. He is also not afraid to speak his mind or stand up for someone, and was known as the Defender, as when he went to school, he defended other children from bullies.


Imre was born on the second of August, the youngest brother and son. He was babied until his parents death when he was three, and doesn't really remember them, but knows they loved him. His brothers soon became his guardian, and loved him and made him the center of attention. This did not led him to become conceded, though; in fact, the opposite.

He then led a quiet childhood. He had many friends, went to school, and had fun. He often went camping, whenever he could, really, and spent much time outdoors.

A few days after his tenth birthday, he went on a stroll down town to go see if he could hang out with one of his friends; his name unmentioned, and to go play. After he had hung out for over half the day, he realized he had stayed to long and needed to get going before his brothers start to worry. He left, and decided to take a short cut back to his home, when he saw a young lady. The young lady was being attacked by some unknown force and reason. In the split second he had seen her, he had made up his mind: he was going to help.

He snuck up behind the attacker, and then jumped onto his back, surprising the robber and woman. He was then flung off, and clamored to get up, but the young raccoon was kicked and went spiraling into an ally trash can. The woman was calling the police by this time, and sirens rung like church bells as the two beings fought.

After a few minutes of fighting, it was clear that Imre wasn't winning, but he held his ground and continued to fight, trying to keep the robber there until the police arrived. The robber started to become desperate, and after a few more punches, pulled out a gun and pointed it at the woman, who was still there, come red behind a trash can when the two began to fight. Undeterred, Imre put his hands up reluctantly, signaling his surrender. But, the attacker didn't care or was too desperate; he pointed his gun at Imre and shot him in the chest. Imre fell like a ragdoll, and the attacker fled the scene, leaving a wounded Imre and a traumatized young lady.

A few minutes later, the police had arrived and called the family. Tavor was the first to come, and stood by Imre as he was waiting for an ambulance to come. Unfortunately, both knew that Imre didn't have that much time, and Imre painstakingly ripped his small watch off its chain and handed it to Tavor. The rest of the family showed up moments later, and Imre whispered something into Tavors ear that greatly upset the sixteen year old. Tavor told him to stay awake, and Imre smiled, then his eyes closed.

An ambulance came moments later, and left, it's siren silent, but flashing.


Imre doesn't seem to have any powers, and if he did, he surly would have used them when fighting Mr. Gold, or to heal himself when he was brutally shot. He seems to have been a normal raccoon, but he may have had some power, or one was on its way of developing before he passed.


Imres abilities are very undeveloped and there are very few, but they are there. He has extreme flexibility and agility, and is very nimble. He also seems to be very limber, as he often slept in trees when camping.


Imre hasn't been seen to really posses any skills such as combat or weapon wielding. But, Tavor did say once that he had taught Imre how to handle and use a hand gun, so we can assume he could do that. He also is able to play the violin when Kasper and Cade were reminiscing about the "good old days".



Tavor and Imre got along very well when Imre was alive. They loved each other immensely, and Tavor was very protective of his little brother. They loved to goof off together, and they often stargazerd when they could, and Imre pointed out the constellations.

They were very close, so when Imre had died, Tavor spiraled into a silent depression, and was left with a guilty conscious and a blood thirst for revenge.

Cayo and Cade

Cayo and Imre were very close, and Imre lived all of Cayos jokes and pranks, even if the prank was on him. Cayo always made him smile, and Imre always taught him something new, almost like they were exchanging information. They often goofed around, though Imre occasionally put Cayo in line.

Imre and Cade had a great relationship, and they respected one another. Imre often dragged Cade into social circumstances, and forced him to socialize, though Cade didn't mind. Cade and Imre often made up stories together and would play pretend, and often tried to play pranks on Cayo, though they usually never worked.


Imre and Kasper are great brothers and love each other as much as possible. Kasper used to read stories to Imre when he was younger, and they would read together when Imre was old enough to read. Imre often referred to him as a ninja, while Kasper called him a pirate, and they still played together whenever they could.

Alice Carroll

Alice and Imre were great friends to the point that they referred each other as siblings. Alice acted as a protective older sister, and Imre was a loyal little brother. They loved to play together, even with the huge age gap, and Alice often taught him little tidbits of information, and Imre taught her the constellations and mythology. They were a great pair, and Imre soon had his first, and sadly his last, crush: her.


April and Imre were great friends, and April loved to come over and play with him, even if she was visiting Tavor. She often read to him as well, and loved to play bored games with him. They also had a sibling like bond, and Imre loved her sense of humor.


Because he is so young, Imre was fairly untrained and can't really fight well, and that led to his demise. One could say that this was a weakness as well; his willingness to help those who need it, be complete stranger or his own family.


  • "Aw Tavor, you worry too much!"
  • "All I ever wanted was to help someone. And I did. So I'm okay with dying if it means that I saved another's life."
  • "Hey you! Leave that kid alone! He never did anything to you! And you have a problem, then tell it to me!"
  • "Mmmm! I love chocolate!"
  • "Thanks big bros! This was a great birthday! I just hope Mom and Dad would be proud."
  • "Leave that lady alone sir!"
  • "Hahaha! That was your best joke yet Cayo!"


  • Imre was actually going to be Marines older brother, and was going to have been captured by pirates and killed.
  • Imre's design is based off of a Fullmetal Alchemist character, Edward Elric.
  • Imre is terrified of spiders.
  • If what Tavor said is true, Imre was saved by Sonic once when he was seven, and they had been able to met him.
    • It's not certain if it was Sonic who saved him though, as all he saw was wind. Sonic hinted that he had by asking if Imre was okay by name, and Sonic wouldn't have known unless that was him.
  • Imre has a small strawberry shaped red birthmark on the back of his neck.
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