This is an article about Impostor♦DeGuise, a character created by TheSkullWolf on 07/9/2015.

Impostor♦DeGuise is an unknown person who skillfully impersonates other people, mainly mobians. Very little is known about the impersonator, though it is believed that they are trying to be acknowledged as anyone, even if that someone is not their true self.


Currently, Impostor♦DeGuise's true appearance is considered to be a mystery. It is not known how old they are, what their gender is, or even their species. However, it can be concluded that they are roughly around the height and weight of the average adult mobian. It is also believed that they have surgical scars all around their body made in the process of taking on their various disguises.


Impostor♦DeGuise has taken on the appearance of many people, including the following notable characters:


Impostor♦DeGuise does well at mimicking the personality of those that they impersonate. This is thanks to intense research that they gather. With the right amount of preparation, Impostor♦DeGuise can pretend to be just about anyone.

However, they also tend to subtly add in their own morals into their guises. They are shown to have some sense of respect to the person they pretend to be, as they try their best not to meddle too much with the real person's lives. Impostor♦DeGuise also expresses concern for those that are connected to the real person. 



Surprisingly enough, Impostor♦DeGuise does not use any supernatural powers when taking on disguises and has no powers whatsoever. Instead, they use more practical methods such as cosmetics, surgery, and vocal training to take on the guise of anyone they desire. They also intensely research the people they wish to take the form of.

Knife Throwing

A learnt form of protection in the event that their cover is blown, they can throw knives to either eliminate opposition or buy time to escape.


Lack of Powers

As earlier mentioned, Impostor♦DeGuise has no powers whatsoever. Unfortunately, this means that they cannot imitate the powers of the people they disguise as. Because of this, they tend to avoid fights in order prevent exposing themselves as a fraud. Someone who detects powers or aura can also easily discover that they have no such powers.


  • The true identity of Impostor♦DeGuise is one of TheSkullWolf's older characters. Will he ever reveal which one? Probably not.
  • The name Impostor♦DeGuise is based on a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney character.
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