This is an article about Immobile Felice, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 03/12/2016.

A representation of the sin of sloth, Immobile is a lazy cat simply searching for a place to find ture lazy peace. It's highly unlikely that she'll ever find this, but with it being the only thing she puts effort into she's well determined to achieve that goal.


Immobile resembles a humanoid cat being almost completely coated in black featureless (aside from dark-green lines forming minor patterns) clothing from head to toe, aside from a dark-green tail poking out from behind and the form of ears underneath the material. Immobile's face, unlike the other Arch-Faces, is not hidden by a mask, but rather by a sort of morph-material similar to that of her clothing. However this does expose her more catlike ture form, Felice is just too lazy to change it. She can almost always be seen hugging some kind of plush ram, and will become absolutely furious if one were to try to take it from her.


Immobile has a personality comparable to that of a brick wall. She refuses to compromise even with allies, rarely likes to do anything herself other than lie around and take hits, apathetic to almost everything, and likes to just sleep and laze her troubles away. Immobile is open to listen to others despite her unwillingness to cooperate, so long as they don't "come off as trying to make her do something." Immobile is more pacifistic than the other Arch-Faces, if only because of her weapon's cursed ability.


Immobile's backstory is mostly unknown. The Arch-Face of Sloth picked her to corrupt as she was always energetic and willing to do anything she put her mind to. From there Immobile's mind had corrupted and warped into what it is now.

Events of the EQuartz Committee: Season 4

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Immobile, while not having a direct power, does have a passive magic ability bestowed upon her by the Archfiend of Sloth. With this power, she can heavily increase the resistance/strength of any shield-like weapon, as well as giving it the ability to inflict recoil to anyone who attempts to attack her. The shield, for whatever reason, will always change in appearance to more resemble the face of a lion, while growing a mane of spikes whenever it takes damage. She can also create a shield by simply stomping on the ground and forcing any nearby metals to surface and meld into a shield.


Immobile, not being a directly physical fighter, has a virtually infinite level of stamina. By shutting out her ability to feel and will to fight, she can make herself impervious to pain and seemingly able to fight for forever. Any damage she does sustain can easily just be slept off, whether bruises or actual wounds, which regenerate almost instantly no matter how massive or deep.


Immobile, while not using her senses of touch or sight that much, has heightened senses of hearing and smell. This helps her detect any incoming threats for allies to avoid. Despite being so lazy, Felice is usually the frontline unit most of the time, detecting things before her allies can be affected by them and acting as a moving wall.


By being a purely defensive person with no real offense, Immobile just can't attack if you don't. Simply put, she only acts if you act enough, so either attacking and stopping before her shield can react so that you only recieve minor counter-damage or just not attacking at all can eventually get her to surrender out of sheer boredom. Also to note, it's fairly obvious that Immobile has issues with effort, so encouragement might help every now and then, you know.

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