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Ilta Virtanen is an adept telekinetic born and raised in Mobotropolis. She now tours the world as a musician.

Physical Description

A slender and decently fit saluki who stands a little over three feet tall, Ilta has a somewhat short muzzle, rather long, fluffy ears that hang down on either side of her head, and a slim, upward-curling tail that is covered in long, silky fur.

Her fur is primarily fawn in color, with a white muzzle, chest and stomach. Her hair, which hangs about three inches past her shoulders and is somewhat curly, is deep Tuscan red in color, and her eyes are dark sky blue in color.

Despite her fame, Ilta dresses modestly, often opting to wear blue jeans, a slightly loose-fitting shirt with sleeves that reach to her elbows, and plain boots. She also tends to wear a scarf and a headband.



Ilta first displayed her telekinetic and precognitive prowess at the age of twelve, as she was walking down to the cornerstore with her mother, Sigrid. Upon approaching the building, the young saluki was overwhelmed by a feeling of dread, and promptly started to drag her feet, not wanting to go further. This confused her mother, who tried to coax her daughter into moving, but Ilta refused, claiming that "something bad was going to happen".

Not too long afterwards, gunfire could be heard coming from the cornerstore; Ilta and her mother fled towards a nearby alleyway in a panic. As it turns out, an armed robbery was taking place, and the criminal had gotten violent, firing his gun into the air. Ilta's mother was quick to call the police, who showed up about 7 minutes later to arrest the criminal. Thankfully, no one was harmed during the incident. Unsurprisingly, Sigrid was quite shocked at how her daughter was somehow able to tell that something like this would happen, and questioned her; the girl's response was that she "saw a brief image of a shadowy, gun-wielding figure walking into a building". The feeling of dread she experienced upon nearing the cornerstore only cemented her vision.

A Musical Career

Fame Isn't Always Fortunate


Base Stats
Other Stats

Ilta's primary abilities are her Psychic ones; curiously, she was born with them, despite neither Sigrid (her mother) nor Michail (her father) displaying any Psychic abilities themselves. It is rumored that ancestral members of the Virtanen family had them, but this has so far not been confirmed.

Although she is capable of utilizing her telekinesis for offensive means, she very rarely does this, as she primarily uses them as a means of defense and utility. Only if she feels truly threatened will she attack with her telekinesis; this was shown when she had to deter a particularly crazed and dangerous fan who tried to force himself on her. This proves that she is able to fight; while she's not exactly a deadly force to be reckoned with, she's able to hold her own well enough.

She is quite fit, as she hikes a lot, and a decently fast runner; however, her defenses are rather sub-optimal. Being a canine, she has a strong bite (although she is highly unlikely to resort to her teeth in a skirmish), and a great sense of smell and hearing. She is also a great violinist.

Psychic Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Status/Defensive Abilities


Ilta is resistant to Soul Energy, given her Psychic Alignment.


Ilta is weak to Chaos abilities, being aligned with Psychic Energy (as Chaos beats Psychic, Psychic beats Soul and Soul beats Chaos).

Friends and Foes






A kind, modest and empathetic soul, Ilta displays great patience and a fair bit of wisdom as well. She dislikes violence and conflict; while she's not on tour, she holds impromptu meditation classes in Mobotropolis, and sometimes in Station Square, as she believes that everyone should get the opportunity to "experience the tranquility of meditation". She loves to hike, and enjoys being around nature.

Positive Traits

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits



  • The saluki is also known as the Persian Greyhound and the "Royal Dog of Egypt".
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