Ike and Fangirl conflict

Its a conflict between Ike the Fox and his fangirls. He hate the fangirls and when they attack out of nowhere.

The reason why is Ike the Fox look dark and mysterius, but he's a sweet and caring guy and he's in love with Lotus the Artic Wolf

Have fun torchuring the fangirls :D *evil smile*

SuppotersFile:Bill Withers - Lean On Me (with Lyrics)

Cherry da Wolf 19:39, June 10, 2010 (UTC) Mhahahaha I am so evil *evil smile

I am Destiney the hedgehog! 20:12, June 10, 2010 (UTC) (lol did me and Catman start a Fangirl conflict trend?)

Yes Cherry da Wolf 20:13, June 10, 2010 (UTC)






Lotus: Here we go again

Ace: Shall I get the smoke bombs

Lotus: You Shall

Destiney: hey ace, whats going on?

Ace: Ike is getting chase by his fangirls again, so we are getting rid of them. Wanna help?

Destiney: I know i'm going to regreat this but yes *gets out a gun* lets do this

Ace: Yay, Hey Lotus we got some backup

Lotus: Good cause we need some backup


Fangirls: IKEY-KUN

Destiney: oh I thought we were gunna kill em, I need something esle *she gets out a flute*

Ace and Lotus: Whats with the flute?

Destiney: Its for things like hypnotisem and sleeping sounds.

Ace and Lotus: Ohhhh


Destiney: *she plays it and the fangirls fall asleep*

Ike: Uhh thank... what your name?

Destiney: Destiney the Hedgehog!

Ike: Thanks Destiny. Man those fangirls are visous

Lotus: No kidden


Lotus: Well Gale Spill the beans.

Destiney: Now call me if they wake up, I am going to help my friend shara with a certian cat she likes. *zooms off*

Lotus: Bye, well we better go to Sensei, before he gets mad

Ace and Ike: Yeah.

(Meanwhile with the fangirls)


Sakura: WOAH! What's up with all these girls?

(All of them wake up)

One of the fangirl: Where Ikey-Kun

Another fangirl: Probaly with that tramp Lotus the Artic Wolf

Sakura: HEY YOU! Look, you guys are a bunch of weridos. And you take that back about Lotus! OR ELSE!

One fangirl: Or else what? Hit me with a tree.

Sakura: No not even close. THIS! *Traps them in a huge force field*

All of the fangirls: AAAHHHH WHAT THE HECK

(Lotus apper out of nowhere)

Lotus: Hi Sakura. What are you up to?

Sakura: Oh nothing, just trapping these girls in a foce field for calling you a bad name. *Sticks out tounge at girls*

All the fangirls: Grrrr

Lotus: And what excacaly did they call me.

Sakura: Er- I rather not say............

Lotus: Let me guess. Tramp or Bi***h

Sakura: Yup. The first one.

Lotus: *Pull out sword* I'm very temted

All the Fangirls: AAAAAAHHHHH

Lotus: But since I'm a good Cathlic I'll let you live.That and Sensei would kill me if I kill these fangirls.

All the fangirls: Phew

Sakura: I might just leave 'em in there.

Lotus: To die or until were bored

Sakura: *whispers to Lotus* Ike's out of the area right?

Lotus: *Look around* I think he is.

Sakura: Tell him to run fast. I'll let them out when he's gone far away. *hands a pager* Here. This is how you'll tell me when.

Lotus: Ok. *Runs to Ike* Hey Ike I gotta to tell you something.

Ike: Yes what is it. *Ike thinking* (Maybe Lotus is going to tell me that she love Me)

Lotus: Your fangirls are in a force field and i came to warn you about it so you can run.


Lotus: What did you say?

Ike: Nothing. Ok thanks for the Warning

Lotus: Hey What are Best friends for.

Ike: *start running* (Thinking: Aww man that was embaerssing)

Lotus: *Page Sakura* Are right he make run for it. Let them out.

Sakura:*Page Lotus* Got it. *Puts down force field* Okay I'm lettin' you out.

One of the fangirls: LET GO FIND IKEY-KUN

The rest of the fangirls: YEAH

Sakura; *Pages Lotus* Look out they're coming for him!

Lotus: *Pages Sakura* Oh Crap *calls Ike* Ike you better run faster dude. The fangirls are gonna get you

Ike: *runs a lot faster*

Sakura: *rides her force field to catch up with Lotus* So, how's everything coming?

Lotus: Well Ike run a lot faster than he can be and i swer he said something weird to me.

Sakura; What was it?

Lotus: He that he love me. But hey that boy is weird and sweet.

Sakura: *thinking* PAYBACK TIME! What was that song you sung? Oh yeah! All you need is love................

Lotus: Is there something that you want to said. Cause you look like your dying to say something.

Sakura: Yup. This is payback. Remind you of something?: Ike and Lotus sitting in a tree.. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Lotus: I don't like him like that. He's my childhood best friend. Besides I think Pinky over there fliriting with Robby *Points to the right of her*

Sakura: Grr...................I mean- I don't care........

Lotus: Your mouth said that but your eyes tell me something else.

Sakura: How?

Lotus: I this abillaty that i can tell what there really feeling in there eyes. My Sensei Taught me and my other friends.

(I got an idea!)

Sakura: *sees them kissing*........................................................................

Lotus: Did you ever kiss him?

Sakura:*fur is turnining black and eyes are turning red*


Lotus: *says calmly* Its ok if you kissed you best friend on the lips. I did too. But that was for a reason.

Dark Sakura:.....I never did...........But......Pinky.....just...did............

Lotus: *Look at them* She not kiss him. She kissing a Robot Robby.

Sakura: Huh? I don't remember anything. What happened?

Lotus: * Laughing* Pinky just kiss a robot that look like Robby.

Sakura: Hahhah! Wait- did I go dark over that?

Lotus: Well because you thought it was the real Robby. But it just a robot of Robby. *Still laughing*

Sakura: Aww man! Why'd I have to do that..... Anyway, I bet Pinky is having a fun time over there!

Lotus: Yeah

(All of a sudden the REAL Robby came behind Sakura without Pinky knowing.)

Robby: Hi

Sakura: Hey. Whatch'a doing here?

Robby: Meh. I don't know i saw you and i wanted to talk to you.

Lotus: *whisper to Sakura* Lonely i'm so very lonely, I have nobody.

Sakura: *whispers to Lotus* -_- Aren't we supposed to be helping Ike? He probably got ambushed by now.

Lotus: *whisper to Sakura* Oh yeah better do that. But before i go i want to do this *Push Sakura into Robby and there lips met* Now you excues my i gotta to save my friend. Later *and started running*

Sakura: ?! LOTUS!!!!!!!! YOU'LL REGRET THAT!

Lotus: *yelled* You two were met for eachother.

Sakura: -_- *follows her with her force field* YOU GET BACK HERE!

Lotus: *thinking* Hey there Ike. Uh oh look like he's being chase again.



Sakura: Want me to trap them again?

Lotus: Hold on. Let me try something. COME FORTH MY PLANTS OF DOOM. *A whole bunch of viles came out* ATTACK. *The vile did*


Sakura: Heh heh heh.

Lotus: Now what where say about regreting pulling you into Robby and you kiss him.

Sakura: I dunno. How about, this? *trapps Lotus in a force field*

Lotus: *clap hands* Well played. COME FORTH MY PLANTS OF DOOM. *then a giant venus flytrap came and breck the force feild

Sakura: Impressive. Lets just see how good your plants are when I go dark. I may go out of control, but meh. It'll be fine.

Lotus: I would not do that if i were you. My Venus Flytrap would eat you.

Dark Sakura: Alight then. Let's test 'em out. *vanishes*

Lotus: What the...

(Evil insane laughter is heard everywhere and a voice said: She warned you. I'M HERE NOW!)

Lotus: ATTACK VENUS FLY TRAP. * and it did*

Dark Sakura: *Vanishes again* Foolish girl, your friend isn't here anymore. You see I have much more ablites then her. DARKNESS BALL! *A ball of dark power comes and attacks the plants and Lotus.*

Lotus: eck

Ike: What happen? *see Lotus in troble* Don't worry Lotus I'll save you. CHAOS EARTH. *The whole entirle land shook*

Dark Sakura: Ugh. There's alway's some hero. I guess all take you down too.

Lotus: Ike look out.

Ike: *turn around* Don't worry i got an idea *Sheild Lotus and him with rocks*

Dark Sakura: You puny weaklings! Rocks?! *Brakes the rocks with one energy ball* I told you, your friend isn't here anymore. I 10x more powerful than her.

(then Robby appers)

Robby: Sakura is that you?

Dark Sakura: DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND ME WHEN I SAY THIS? Your "friend" is not here.

Robby: *says calmly* I know its you Sakura

Dark Sakura: For the last time, I TOLD YOU SHES NOT HERE! *tosses a dark energy ball almost killing Robby*

Robby: Uhhh *falls over unconsaly*

Dark Sakura: I don't see why it isn't this easy all the time. Now to finsh you two off.

Ike: CHOAS EARTH *Then a big rock hit Dark Sakura*

Dark Sakura: Ouch. You're gonna pay for that.Who knows? You might end up halfway dead like your little hedgehog friend over there.

Lotus: He's your best friend and the love of life. Don't make me breck into song cause i will.

Dark Sakura: I have no idea what your even talking about. I have no friends. And their is no such thing as "love" from where I come from.

Lotus: Ok i warn you.

(XD! LOL!!!!!!)

Sakura: Why were you singing?

Lotus: Lean on me. and your back.

Sakura: Where'd I go?

Lotus: Dark form and you nearly killed Robby, but he is find he's over there unconsaly.

Sakura: Heh heh..Anyway, Robby's been like that before, and he ended up being fine.

Lotus: *thinking* Don't say it don't say it. Yeah i guess he's ok.

(Robby starts to wake up)

Robby: Hey Sakura

Sakura: Hey. Ike,Robby, Lotus,.......Sorry about the whole "dark" thing. When the Chaos Emeralds gave me these powers I guess they gave me a dark side too.

Lotus: Don't we all have a dark form.

Ike: Yeah. Don't we all.

Robby: *Nods*

Sakura: Don't you wish I could have went dark when the fan girls were there?

Ike: Why did think of that?

Sakura: I dunno.

Ike: I dunno enither

Lotus: Oh well the fangirls on a vines now

Sakura: Oh yeah that's right. I forgot about that.

Robby: Sakura, there something i wanted to tell you *Looks at Lotus and Ike and then whisper* Alone

Sakura: *whispers* Why alone?

Robby:*whisper* Cause i don't know if those two would keep a secert.

Sakura: *whisper* Just tell me in a whisper.

Lotus: You know me and Ike can hear you.

Sakura: Just tell me out loud. I know it can't be THAT much of a secret.

Robby: Ok *took a deep breath* I lo..

( Then all of a sudden Pinky came out of nowhere)


Sakura; What's the caveman doing out of it's cage?

Pinky: Oh hi fleabag. I came to say hi Robby.

Lotus: *whisper to Sakura* Can i hit with a club?

Sakura: Yes. Yes, you may.

Lotus: Boo-ya *walk over there and hit her with the club*

Pinky: Uhhh *falls over*

Lotus: Me and Ike are gonna take the brat home. Countuie your buissness *Lotus and Ike walk away*

(I gotta go. Bye!)

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