Ignatio the Panda is an oddity from the technological hub of Col'nesia; where he serves as a war mage with the national army.


As with many pandas, Ignatio is heavy-set with dense fur; though in his case his fur is mostly brown thanks to his father's brown bear heritage; with black markings as standard for a panda. These markings sometimes appear purple in certain lighting.

His eyes are a deep purple; often half-closed in thought and exhaustion.


Dedicated to his rare role; Ignatio tends to dress in the specialized mage uniform of the Col'nesian Army; one specifically designed for the frozen tundras. This is a long black overcoat worn over a black double-breasted jacket with golden trim and small embroidered elemental emblems for each of the elements he wields stitched onto the lapel - a pale blue snowflake for ice, a green leaf for nature, and a pale yellow starburst for light - and a pair of black pants with the familiar fabric and metal armored reinforcement. A set of black fleece gloves and black leather boots completes the ostentatious outfit. He also notably wears a small pale blue diamond-like gemstone set in a platinum pendant on a simple chain around his neck; with the stone often appearing to glow.



In the frozen wastelands of Col'nesia, technology is king. Most people live in high-tech subterranean cities and communities; where the only people that dare venture to the surface for extended periods of time are military officials, members of the elemental clans of Col'nesia, and employees of Hammerforge Industries; the threat of the remaining Eggman Army robots too great. On top of that, liquid water is a very rare resource dedicated primarily for ensuring food supplies; rather than drinking. In all of this; magic is primarily viewed as an archaic novelty in warfare by the military officers; with elemental powers in the soldiers receiving some very basic training while the emphasis remains on their martial skill. The few mages not in elemental clans are viewed instead as resources for the community; aiding in plant growth for food supplies, assisting in disaster management and generally using their powers to aid the community.

Of course; Ignatio isn't quite like that; though those civil assistance duties make up part of his regular work. While the military takes a highly pro-technology stance, and the Col'nesian armed forces are one of the most technologically advanced in the known multiverse; they still cannot neglect the strength and utility that mages bring to the table. Ignatio was a military recruit training as a soldier when it was found he held magical potential in three different elements - the plentiful Ice, the vital Nature, and the diverse Light. So; instead of turning him over to civil service, he was one of a class of ten to be trained as war mages; learning how to wield their magical potential as a weapon as much as an aid to others. Ignatio was also found to possess a rather basic genetic ability known as Honey Gather; an innate ability to locate food and supplies as well as an intrinsic knowledge of what is and is not safe to eat; a power still important within the permafrost of Col'nesia and effective when sent to fight in other zones and worlds. Similarly; as a Col'nesian, Ignatio is practically immune to the effects of most forms of alcohol, and drinks it like water without suffering from any symptoms of intoxication.

Primarily, Ignatio utilizes cryomancy in combat. Ice is plentiful in Col'nesia, meaning that his magic often grows more powerful due to the low ambient temperature. This gets reinforced even further by the sole "weapon" he possesses, an item known as a Frost Nexus Diamond, a form of Nexus Crystal. A hybrid-point between Col'nesian technology and ancient alchemy; these crystals involved a hollow-core Exa-Diamond made from depleted Mega Coal. While not generating the incredibly dense levels of Chaos Energy anymore; the Exa-Diamonds instead serve to focus and boost energy passed through them, so Hammerforge Industries has taken to making jewelry with hollow-core Exa-Diamonds filled with elemental materials. In the case of Ignatio's Frost Nexus Diamond; the Exa-Diamond is filled with an Algidite core; creating an artifical Frost Sapphire similar to pure refined Algidite, but with a higher power to weight ratio. This boosts Ignatio's power over Ice even further. His usage is highly varied, mixing between enhancing his physical form, unleashing elemental bursts, or even creating boulders of ice that grow larger as they roll.

Ignatio's command of Nature is his secondary combat element; as well as one of his primary civil service elements in assisting farmers. In combat; while it pales in comparison to his Nexus Crystal-enhanced Ice command, Ignatio utilizes Nature in similar ways. He summons condensed balls of pollen that blind targets just as effectively as sleet does; or channels nature into his body to create leaf-like blades as hard as iron to help defend himself.

Light is Ignatio's weakest combat element; though one he uses frequently for utility. He can light rooms and ares around himself, or create blinding or confusing light patterns to hamper hostiles. Needless to say; while not particularly damaging, Light is his utility set of choice.

In situations of last resort; Ignatio carries a simple set of knuckledusters in his pockets, while his boots have reinforced steel caps, enhancing the impact force of his physical combat strength. Indeed, Ignatio has a level of hand-to-hand combat-training equal to most Col'nesian commandos; and superior to the general infantry forces. This, combined with his magic, can result in a devastatingly powerful fighter who poses a threat in multiple ranges while also supporting his team with utility; a combination that would push even the most advanced Hammerforge powered body armor to equal.

However, Ignatio is not accustomed to fighting against Fire. His cold-weather uniform, thick fur and specific combination of elements puts him at a huge disadvantage even simply fighting in temperate climates, let alone combating a Fire-wielder head on. In such cases; he is entirely reliant on his augmented Ice command. Without his Nexus crystal, he would always lose to a foe wielding fire, and even with his gemstone it is not an assured win.








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