Idle the Dead
Idle the Dead
20 lbs
Dark Solaraknesis
Lord/Master of Duat

&nbsp I am a part Sha/Set Animal, part Jackal, and death itself.


the beginning

I was born to a Set Animal mother and a Jackal father, I also have falcon blood from my great great grandpa, but that doesn't matter. I was a strange SA because of my Scars, they were purple. I may also a bit quirky to, I would dream up things like an irrigation system. I was taught at a young age about things such as death and Chaos, I found it all interesting and had dreams about it. I was bullied at age 5 to 12 because of being different. I was also shown to not be able to use Pyrokinesis or Spectrakinesis, the normal Sha moves.

the changing

after I thought everything was hopeless, I tried to jump off a cliff, seeing if i'd survive. I did. I stayed and lived in the forest for 2 years before being found. I showed the strangest ability; Dark Solarkinesis. I killed them, breaking my oath he made to his species. by breaking it he could never go back. I later found my way into a cave, I ran deep in to the cave. I came into a tomb. suddenly I felt pain, every cause of death and more pain came upon him. I was driven mad for thirteen minutes of pain. when I came to, my arm and leg were bones. My eye felt dead and the inside of his stomach also felt dead. I realized this was a punishment to myself for breaking my oath. while walking, I noticed rats were scared of him. when a corpse rose from the ground and called him a freak of death and nature, but also the master of those. I realized to was a blessing.

the coming

I wen't back to my village causing many gasps and screams. I became there new leader. I found that I could also rule the dead. I named his village Duat or The Duat. I merged the underworld of death with the overworld of living. now the Duat connects the dead and the living. I became the ruler of the in between world.

The Challenge....and kids

I searched for outcast's with powers and hate. I found three, Rockin, Ragu, and zoe. they were now my children. I taught them how to use my power of Dark Solarkinesis and many other moves. they became mine. I forced them to fight to see who was most powerful. they ran away, but if they ever say my name again.....i'll know, and i'll hunt them.


I am dark, cruel, hated, and do not enjoy the infernal pie. I am patient, to a degree. I do have a soft spot for rats and bats, do to being my only friends during my insanity and time in the infernal cave. I prefers to be alone because of my hate. I'm not to cruel on my people, but does show whos boss a bit to hard.


  • Dark Solarkinesis - My unique ability. With it, I can utilise the power of the sun, in a darkened manner.
  • Control of the Dead - I can summon the dead. I can control up to 13 corpses at a time, although most of them obey me already. It is seperate from Necrokinesis or Necromancy do to limitations.



  • None.


  • None.


  • Nobody can match my strength.


  • To many to count, although most are dead.


  • He is based off of the song Mephiles Whisper.
  • He speaks with a somewhat British accent, with a small hint of German.

Theme Song

Mephiles Whisper

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