Icy Outpost

Type Country/Zone

Flat tundra

LocationSouthwestern coast of the Cool Edge Zone

- Frost Imps - common
- Denkojo - common
- Tizeruks - uncommon, sometimes competed with the residents for fish
- Tamed Tundra Catoblepi used as beasts of burden

Mobian Residents

- Anja the Ptarmigan - Formerly, became an Artika Egg Soldier in order to avoid death
- Gustav the Penguin - Formerly, joined the Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters
- Rodica the Gull - Forcefully Cyberized, she remains at the Badnik factory to oversee operations

Other Residents

None known

The Icy Outpost is an area located on the Mobian continent of Artika. It sits on the southwestern coastline of the Cool Edge Zone, and used to be a fishing village, before it was conquered by Tundra the Walrus at the behest of Dr. Eggman; it was mostly destroyed, with a Badnik factory rebuilt in its place.

Icy Outpost was also known for having a high concentration of avian Mobians (particularly of the arctic variety) residing there.




The geology of Icy Outpost is fairly unremarkable, consisting primarily of a flat tundra, with the village itself being located near the coastline.

Flora and Fauna


The largest plants that can be found here are Icebushes, which are relatively common here. Shiverstems also grow in and around Icy Outpost, and both plants are sometimes cultivated by the residents.


As with most of Artika, both Frost Imps and Denkojo can be found roaming around Icy Outpost, with a few 'domesticated' individuals being found within the village itself. Tundra Catoblepi are used as beasts of burden here, pulling carts filled with trade goods back and forth.

The only known 'threat' to Icy Outpost comes from the small Tizheruk population that lives off the coastline of the village. They generally do not attack the inhabitants, but are known to compete with them for fish, sometimes attempting to raid their catches for food. Many of the inhabitants of Icy Outpost utilize ranged weaponry in order to scare away any Tizheruks without causing them lasting injury, and generally this method is quite successful.

Notable Residents

NOTE: As Icy Outpost was overtaken by the Eggman Empire, many of the residents no longer reside within this area, save for the few at the Badnik factory.

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