Ichiro the Fox (一郎狐, Ichiro za Kitsune) is a 16 year old fox and older brother of Asami and Aya. He is a second year high school student in Kyokuko Academy. His full name is Ichiro Megumi (恵 一郎, Megumi Ichiro).


Ichiro is a 16 year old red fox with dark brown hair that is spiked up in a messy fashion with some strands on each side of his head, serious looking and slightly mean brown eyes that look more like a re
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dish brownish color.

He wears a black button shirt with a red jacket ontop that is slightly open and black long pants. His casual clothes are a gray shirt with a black open jacket over it and jean pants.


Ichiro is very serious, silent and will only speak when spoken to but other than that he is very consideret to his sisters and anyone who might be in trouble. Ichiro is also very kind and carring, but can be very intimidating when he is provoked.

Ichiro has a special talent for sharp shooting and he is skilled with a gun. Also in his past time he likes to shoot some targets that he made himself and also he likes to hang out with his sisters Asami and Aya. He also likes to read in his past time, usualy poems by Edgar Allen Poe.

Like most foxes Ichiro finds it amusing when his sisters pull pranks on their friends.


Ichiro was the first born child of his mother and father. He was three years old when his sister Asami the Fox was born and when he was ten is when his younger sister Aya the Fox was born. His mother had died giving birth to Aya and as the big brother did everything to make his sisters happy. Even from an early age Ichiro had never had a good relationship with his father because he was very distant with his sister Asami and when Aya was born he became more uneasy with his father.

When he turned 12 he did everything he could to protect his sisters when their father suddenly became violent towards them. He would often wrestle his father into submission so that Asami could get Aya to safety. He kicked his father on the legs and he left the room to go find his sisters but once he found them they were attacked by their father again this time he had a kitchen knife in his hands and was trying to kill them. Due to his will to protect his sisters he awaken his pyrokinesis and he unwillingly cought their house on fire. Asami also awoken her powers and she teleported them out of the house including their father.

After their father commited suicide in his asylum room Ichiro was very angry because they never go to know why he did what he did. After that he begun to take care of his sisters even when they started living with his foster parents Takara and Hachi the Panda. After his younger sister Aya awoken her powers they all begun their own training to learn how to control them. After he meet Yuffi the Hedgehog, Rin the Wolf, Isao the Hedgehog and Junichi the Hedgehog they soon formed the Kamihime Jiyuu no Faita.


Ichiro has the power of Pyrokinesis. He can control fire at his will including creating them or distroying them. He also uses two twin silver guns with a brown handle. Each gun isn't powered by bullets but his own fire powers. With the guns he is able to shoot powerfull balls of fire to his opponents.

His known fighting moves are:

Flame barrage: Ichiro shoots many balls of fire that go so fast they the opponent cannot follow their movements

Fox fire: He summons six large fire balls around him and with both of his guns absorbs them creating a large beem of fire.



Asami the Fox (younger sister)

Aya the Fox (younger sister)

Yuffi the Hedgehog (good friend)

Rin the Wolf (good friend)

Isao the Hedgehog

Junichi the Hedgehog

Kaiko the Wolf

Chikane the Dog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Knuckles the Echidna

Rouge the Bat

Shadow the Hedgehog

Miles 'Tails' Prower

Sally Acorn

Amy Rose


"I'm one of the best sharp shooters there is, there is no target I could miss with my guns"

"My favorite poet is defenetly Edgar Allen Poe"

"We never had a good relationship with our father, he was always very distant with us and we didn't know why"

"My father was a coward! Many times we wanted to ask him why he tried to kill us but we never did because he had commited suicede in his asylum room. He was a coward because he didn't want to face us for what he did!"

"Do you want to know why big brothers are born first, they are born first to protect the younger ones that come after them"

"My sisters are everything to me, I can't bare to see them get hurt"

"It was pure luck that all three of us were born with special abilities"

"I may be the oldest of the group but I'm not the leader. In fact we don't have a leader"


Voice Actors

His Japanese voice actor is Yusuke from High and Mighty Color

His English voice actore is Jonny Yong Bosch (Imagen Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach)


  • Ichiro spends most of his time reading poetry.
  • Ichiro and Blaze are currently the only pyrokinetics of the group.
  • Ichiro's favorite band is Emery.
  • Ichiro is skilled in playing the guitar and singing screamo.
  • A running gag is that Ichiro tends to hit a person with his book when they annoy him when he's reading.
  • Ichiro's favorite anime is Soul Eater.
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