Icette the Cryochidna
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A former member of a mysterious group known only as the Boreal Acolytes, Icette the Cryochidna (pronounced "ee-SET") is now a member of Reaper's Legion.

Physical Description

A slender cryochidna who stands close to four feet tall, Icette has a somewhat short muzzle with a pointed nose, a collection of dreadlocks handing from her head (with the two frontmost locks being shrouded in ice), and a slim, somewhat crooked tail. Her hands also appear to be shrouded in ice, making it look like she's wearing two-fingered gloves of pure ice, with spikes on the knuckles.

Her fur is primarily baby blue in color, with a pure white muzzle, and a collection of battery-charged blue markings decorating her body and dreadlocks. Her hair, which is only on top of her head and is fashioned somewhat into a mowhak (with a few banded strands hanging down behind her head), is b'dazzled blue with white streaks mingled in, and her eyes are citrine in color.

Her outfit is simple, consisting only of a black halterneck, blue jeans, and black boots.



Base Stats
Other Stats

Being an echidna (a cryochidna specifically), Icette unsurprisingly has super strength and enhanced durability, making her a deadly force in hand-to-hand combat. She has the physical strength to lift 10 tons in weight over her head, and durability to let her keep up with physical powerhouses like Knuckles; however, her speed and agility aren't anything spectacular.

Her true prowess, however, comes in her incredible cryokinetic ability, one that would make the Ice Clan's best battle mages blush; some even claim she could be on-par with the God of Ice himself if she pushed herself to the limits. Very few techniques are out of her grasp; she's capable of pulling off high-level techniques like Algorstorm and Cocytus without breaking a sweat.

Apart from her cryokinesis, she's also capable of manipulating the Advanced Element of Nitrogen, although its not as well-mastered as her control over Ice.


Icette is even capable of a few transformations, listed below;

  • Frozen Icette - Her most basic transformation; this one is just a raw power boost.
  • Permafrost Icette - A transformation that trades some power for a more defensive combat style while still also boosting her overall strength and ability.
  • Subzero Icette - What would be considered her most powerful form to date had she 'unlocked' it yet; she's seeking the means to do so, however.


Icette is resistant to the Elements of Water and Nature, and immune to the Element of Ice. Her high durability allows her to shrug off physical attacks quite easily, and she can also use her cryokinesis in a way to bolster her physical defenses further by erecting shields and armor of ice. Cold weather also boosts her cryokinesis to even deadlier levels. Even though she is technically weak to Fire given her inherent Ice-alignment, her ability to manipulate Nitrogen gives her a stark advantage against Fire-wielders.


Icette is weak to the Elements of Fire, Inferno, and Earth. While her physical defense is impressive, her resistance to energy-based attacks is a bit lackluster in comparison, but still nothing to really sneeze at. Being a manipulator of ice, severe ambient heat can weaken her cryokinesis, but she's such a master of it that she can avoid having it be completely nullified. Inferno-wielders can easily cancel her cryokinetic abilities, however, making them a big threat to her.

Friends and Foes







Icette generally tends to be a cool-headed person, noted for being quite slow to anger, although she is highly competitive, not liking to lose, either; if she loses, she becomes sulky and irritable. She's pretty laid-back around friends, but they're not safe from her competitive nature, either.

Icette's anger, rather than being violent or explosive, is cold and sadistic; she takes great pleasure in making those who wronged her suffer. She's also somewhat obsessed with her own strength, and has a strong desire to become more powerful than the God of Ice himself. She seems to have a strong prejudice against the Ice Clan of Kyanos, most likely due to their worship of Kyanos; she may also see them as competition, however.

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Negative Traits

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