A spinoff story off of Operation: Cold Fury.  When FROST Company gets captured by DEL Iceheart discoverrs a shocking revelation about his past and uncoveres secrets he wish he never discovered. Now not only does Icehearrt have to find a way to escape an Eggman controlled gulag from a cunning grandmaster, he has to put behind the feelings of that grandmaster being the one who gave birth to him.

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Icebeaker Part one: Revelations

Iceheart awoke up from the hard and overused bed, while the cell was very unpleasant to be in, at least it was more hospitable then the castle cell he had while under Scourge. Iceheart gazed around giving his eyes time to dilate then he observed his surroundings. There was a force field around the cell bars that would prevent him from freezing them. He heard the door open and a guard opened a slot and pushed in a plate.

“Meal time.” Said the guard before closing the slot and walking away.

Iceheart walked over and observed the plate. It smelled delicious, more so then regular Egg army prison food. Iceheart noticed there was a small note next to it. He picked it up and read it.

“Eat up, it is your favorite.” The note replied.

The writing of that note brought a sense of nostalgia, as well as made his skin crawl. He was not dealing with an ordinary grandmaster, no far worse. He was dealing with someone who knew how he thought, someone who gave birth to him, and raised him to the best of her ability. Now that person was handing him over to the enemy along with his beloved comrades.

Iceheart did not want to eat the food, but he knew he had no choice. He slowly ate the food and sure enough there was not a taste of poison or a sedative. It was just how his mother used to make it. Perhaps that was psychological poison, his mother held a hold on his mentality that no other Egg agent could get to. She could break him mentally in a way hundreds of torture sessions could not.

The guard walked back into the room to take back the tray. Instead of chewing out Iceheart, something different happed. The guard walked over towards him whistling a tune, a lullaby. It was a hymn from his tribe. A song about sacrifice and bravery. One Iceheart still remembered in his head. The guard walked up to the cell bars and gazed at him.

“Did you like the food? She always knows how to make it just right.” The guard replied.

“Shut up, I do not converse with DEL.” Iceheart replied to the guard coldly.

“Well would you reply to a brother?” The guard asked

“My brother is dead.” Trying not to give the guard any information about his primal brother Shard.

“No, I am your younger brother.” Replied the guard.

“What are you talking about?” Asked Iceheart.

“Mother told us all about you. You're so lucky, you are the original.” Said the guard in a confusing, yet non malicious tone.

The guard yawned and took off the upper part of his robe. He appeared just like Iceheart, only younger and he had a cybernetic eye implant . The sight of him filed him with discuss and horror. Iceheart felt nauseous.

“You, you cannot be real.” Iceheart said.

“I can’t? I am right in front of you right?” Asked the guard puzzled. “What the hell are you?” asked Iceheart confused as ever.

“I am a Hirobi, like you?”

“Impossible. I never had a younger brother, I was the youngest.” Iceheart responded with.

“I would love to tell you older brother, but mother wanted to be the one to speak to you about it later on, for now just sit tight and rest. Your friends are fine. She will speak with them after she talks to you. Now can I please have the tray?”

Iceheart grumbled, but he wanted more than ever to get the abomination standing right in front of the cell out so he pushed the tray out. The guard took it and left.Iceheart wanted to clear his head of the revelations that have occurred just this morning. He got unto his bed and started to think. He started off today on a normal infiltration and secure mission, and he ended up finding out his mother was alive, she was on Eggman's side now, and he now has not one, but several older legionized brethren now. “One hell of a day” Iceheart said as he sighed and laid on his bunk.

Iceheart tried to go to sleep, but he was awoken in his mind by his comrade Batla and he telepathic signal. It was faint, but well enough for him to intercept.

“Iceheart? Field Leader, what is going on around here?” Balta asked.

“Well in case you missed it, we are having a sleepover in my mother’s gulag.”

“Your mother had a gulag and you never told us?” Asked Balta

“No, this is one she must have gotten when she joined the Egg heads.” Iceheart thought scornfully through his head.

“I am seeing some creepy behavior here Iceheart, the guards do not seem intimidating at all. They seem like they are trying to welcome us, plus they all look like you.” Balta told him.

“I talked to one, he brought in a meal and said my mother wanted to speak to me.”

“That cannot be anything good Field Leader.” Batla said telepathically.

“I know Baldrova, I know.” Iceheart told her trying to go back to sleep.

Icebreaker Part2: Family Reunion.

Iceheart had woken up again before the guards came back, this time he saw three guards come in. They had their cloaks on but as they moved to the side he could see they all had Hirobi tails like his. They seemed to had their guns ready to shoot him if need be.

“Stand up and put your hands in the air.” The guard ordered.

“Ok, now put your hands through the slots over there.” Ordered the guard again.

Iceheart did so and now sooner had he did he heard a clank as energy inhibiting cuffs were applied to his hands. Once that was over the soldiers lowered the force field and ejected Iceheart’s hands from the wall cuffing device.

“Come with us, mother would like to speak with you.” The guard said.

“Fine.” Iceheart said as he followed the guard’s orders.

Iceheart was escorted to her office as promised. It was a spacious office and round instead of cubed. He could see many Hirobian weaponry held upon the wall and other accommodations. His mother was sitting in a chair watching him as he entered.

“Ok, now please release him. If he is excited as I am then there is no need to restrain your brother.” She said.

They did as they were told and released him from his cuffs. Iceheart could have used the opportunity to escape but it would have been of no use. Iceheart’s mother had been a hunter all her life and was adept at tracking down even the most persistent of prey. Plus Iceheart wanted answers.

“Now leave your brother and I to talk my dears.” She said softly.

“Yes ma’am.” The guards said before leaving the two and closing the door. It was just the two of them now. Iceheart wanted so much in his heart to go up and hug her, but he feared she had “died” after her legionization.

“Take a seat, we have a lot of catching up to do.” She said in a welcoming tone. Iceheart sat down, but said nothing. He was trying to hold his emotions in like he did when he met Scourge. All the months through Deraj’s training could not fill up this psychological weak point.

Aurora sighed, then she braced herself she knew it would not be easy to speak with her son after so long, especially with him being an AMA agent. Yet she knew it had to be done.

“I am sorry for what happened aboard the oil rig, yet your friends caused a lot of damage in terms of equipment and personnel luckily I cleared everything with the doctor and… ” Aurora said.

“Save it grandmaster for a prisoner who cares.” Iceheart responded coldly.

“You do care honey, if you didn’t you would have tried to escape. You are just as clueless as I am as why we are on different sides.” Aurora said showing restraint.

“I have to tell you what happened son. I thought I lost you. “Aurora said.

“I thought you were dead mother, what happened?” Iceheart asked curiously.

“I was dying, Scourge missed my heart. I remember you and your brother running off before I blacked out.” Aurora said about to cry

“Frost was able to get me to the shelter, when I came out I saw the whole village dead. I even saw you dead. I never knew what unconscious looked like at the time.”  Iceheart replied.

“I was captured by Scourge, he took me to his castle and for a while I was his slave.” Iceheart told her.

“Then what happen honey?” Aurora asked in a guilty yet interested tone.

“I was liberated by the AMA. Deraj, the leader of the AMA’s own daughter Gicandice rescued me. We were able to liberate Moebius under a new Federation that day. Deraj took me in and taught me how to use my, our powers. Ever since then I have been a loyal commander in the AMA, even during the war with the humans and you all.” Iceheart told her.

“To think my little Gordan is now a leader in an army.” Aurora replied.

“It’s Iceheart now, Gordan died the day Moebius was liberated.” Iceheart told her sternly. “He did not die, he just grew up Iceheart.” Aurora replied showing relief for her son being alive.

“Now lets hear it mother, what is this all about?”

“You must have left with Scourge, when I awoke there was a traveling team of Egg scouts and a Egg-medi pawn hovering over my face in a camp. They saved my life Iceheart.” Aurora said as she shown him the small chest plate. “So you joined them?” Iceheart deducted.

“Yes, they said they would help the Hirobi if I proved my loyalty to Dr.Eggman. I wanted revenge on Scourge that day, to liberate all of Moebius from him. The only way I saw that to be fulfilled was to conquer Moebius under the Egg Empire.” Aurora responded with.

“Eggman has been most generous Iceheart. I provide him with the resources his army needs on here and in return he has helped restored the Hirobi to our former glory.” Aurora told him.

“What about these brothers of mine, what are they?” Iceheart asked.

“They are clones of my DNA. Eggman has made them stable so they will not age rapidly. To them you are their brother. The doctor was able to extract several bodies from many of the warriors. He promised if we were loyal he could restore the Hirobi back to our former glory.” Aurora said.

“Bullshit”. Iceheart replied with disgust.

“Have you met the other grandmasters mother, his other minions? They do war atrocities on the prime world and their leader has blood on his hands.” Icheart told her.

“I am not concerned with the prime world Iceheart, I am concerned about you and us.” Aurora told him.

“The doctor told me if you join us he would give you and your friends. You could stand by my side as we bring hope and prosperity to the Hirobi.”

“I am sorry mother, but if you think I will betray my friends and comrades for one second you are wrong. I am not just a Hirobi anymore, I am a Moebian. A member of the AMA, and a proud warrior like you always wanted me to be.” Iceheart told her.

Aurora was disappointed by this response, but she knew this was a lot for her son to take in at this time, even after thinking she was dead for so long. She summoned her guards again.

“Perhaps you will come to your senses later my son, but for now go back to your cell and get some rest. Your mind needs time to think things through.” She said as she stared at the Hirobi clones.

“Take him back to his cell and make sure he gets some rest, keep an eye on him though. “She said right before Iceheart was escorted back to his cell.

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