This is an article about Ice the Hedgehog, a character created by Sonicmegaman211683 on 07/20/2015.

Ice the Hedgehog is a 16-year-old hedgehog gifted with cryokinesis.


Ice appears as a cold-colored (light blue, sky-blue) hedgehog with a curvy body, silver's quills (without the five front ones), and sky-blue eyes. She wears a white tanktop, sky-blue shorts and light blue gloves with Silver's patterns on them, but the patterns are sky-blue. She also wears blue and white boots.


Ice is calm, wise, fun and stern.


Ice controls the element of Ice, meaning she can throw iceballs, freeze people (and moving objects), create demolishing icebergs, etc.


Like her colleague and love interest, Fire the Hedgehog, she is good in hand-to-hand combat.


Ice can fly at high distances.

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