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Ice is a sky blue cat with darker blue stripes on her tail and on the tips of her hair and ears. Her muzzle, stomach, chest, tail tip, and insides of her ears are white and her nose is pale pink. Ice has two pale pink scars over her right eye, with her right eye being lavender and her left being an deep purple. Her attire consists of a black choker with a red gem hanging off of it. She wears a black sleeveless crop top with the letters 'STFU' in white across the chest. Ice's pants are light gray with purple and darker gray accents, a singular gold button, and rips across the legs. Her shoes consist of simple black ankle boots.


Ice is quiet and reserved, preferring to be alone than be with others. She refuses to speak up within a crowd and is often a follower instead of a leader. Ice normally hates to socialize but after being around her for awhile, she'll begin to open up. On the inside, Ice is quite sensitive and caring. However, she's too shy to ever express the good side of herself.






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