Like with the most other seal moves, this one is a powerful support move. However, unlike the others, this one is a defensive and it covers the whole body.


The Ice Seal: Ice Armor technique creates an armor made completely of unbreakable ice that never melts until it's time limit runs out. However, there is a catch. The armor will only block energy-based attacks, such as Blaze Kick or Combustion. However, it will not block a punch, and will in fact warp around the fist to allow such. In addition to this, it only lasts 10 minutes, then it melts. Also, the users immunity system will be greatly weakened for 10 minutes.


Methods of Learning

Like with the other seals, ancient texts or clans with ice-based dieties will teach this trick, unless the clans diety does not know/did not teach it.


To be honest, i do not know if there are any, or if i should expect any. So, if you have a variant/similar move, post it here.

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