This move is one of the largest of the gate moves, as well as devastating. However, it's also one of the easiest to stop.


The Ice Gate: Antarctic Blizzard is one of the most devastating moves, as well as largest. However, unlike others, it is rather easy to avoid altogether. If one is near a fire, within 50 ft. of it, or has fire abilities, they are automatically immune. If one exits the 50 ft. radius of the fire though, they will be frozen instantly. What happens is, that the user charges energy for a few minutes, ignoring everything around them, even injuries, and then creates a swirl of extremely cold wind that ranges up to 800 miles around the user, freezing everything within, unless the conditions of immunity stated above are fulfilled. The cost of using this move is, the user will be struck with hypothermia immediatly after, making the cost very serious.


Methods of Learning

Like with other gate moves, ancient texts can teach one how to use it.


Like with Flames of Rage, there are bound to be weaker versions and tornado-like moves so post them all here.

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