Ice Floe Falls are famous, so named, frozen waterfalls, that secretly harbor the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters, along with the not so secret Snowy Owl Clan. There are four of these awesome frozen waterfalls, and under one of these frozen beauties is the HQ of the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters.


Because of the many fierce snowstorms this place has, though it is often a sought for tourist and hunter location, many people stay away from the place, especially on stormy days and nights.

Because the waterfalls are always frozen, there is no possibility of a flood. The water pools at the feet of the waterfall are often composed of ice floes, and is extremely cold, killing a Mobian or human in mere seconds upon entering. There are also hot springs in this area, but only a certain few know about those, for they are often sealed off in caves and behind huge rocks.


Many kinds of unique creatures live here, such as smaller variations of Ice serpent, and Ice Bears. There are also snowy owls, white-furred deer, white furred and black spotted wolverine, and white furred rabbit. There are also some other creatures, such as Ice Drake's but those are more rare and often reside in caves deep underneath the waterfalls.


Ice Floe Falls was colonized and named by the first elders of the Snowy Owl Clan. At the time, they were searching for a place to call their own, and, since the top of the waterfalls was heavily sheltered by thick forests and harbored sweet water springs, forest animals, and berries, they built their clan village there.

The Snowy Owl Clan are very fierce protectors of their land, and will defend it at all costs. They keep many things hidden from watching eyes, including the supposed, "healing" fresh water springs.

Significant Populations

The two significant populations of this region are the Snowy Owl Clan and the HQ of the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters.

Notable Areas

The HQ of the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters

The HQ of the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters is located under one of the four grand frozen waterfalls. The child freedom fighters have turned the cold caves under the waterfall into their own secret base.

The Fresh Water "Healing" Springs

Though many have searched for and failed, none can find the well hidden, rumored, healing springs located somewhere around the frozen waterfalls, and no one ever will find them as long as the Snowy Owl Clan are hiding it from them.

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