Ice is cyan hedgehog with a small black leather jacket with its collar up. He always wears customary red shoes. His hair is in a upward position slanting in directions. He has 5 spines: 1 on the left slanting, 1 in the middle slanting back, 1 on the right slanting right and 2 on the back of his head. He is without chest fur as he only has tan muzzle. Ice's eyes are crimson. (He is only 13.)


Ice is rather... different hedgehog. Years of training has made him able to be on guard at all times while regularly acting like any other person. He has little to no remorse. When people are getting hurt, but not anywhere to dying, he doesn't interfere but instead encourages them to keep going. His motto is "What doesn't kill ya, make ya stronger" and "Once you go through it, you may never have to again." Ice is generally a nice guy, and is quite social, but he is a bit darker. He can be rude, and he is very outspoken, which can be a bad thing.


Ice was born alone. Due to financial issues and divorcement, Ice's father had to leave. It hurt him, but it was the only way for him to survive. So living in the wilderness, he was naturally wild. Because of this, his animal instinct gave him knowledge about various forms of fighting techniques that were derived from animals. As he left the wild he, came across a man who was also one with the wild, and volunteered to cure him of this, and bring those techniques to full potential. (By this time he was 11, and he left the wild at 9.) Ice went through rigorous training methods for 2 years straight and mastered all known fight techniques in the world. He also learned to control his powers and special abilities to his advantage rather than spewing them out unwillingly.


  • Ice has the power to control ice in many ways:
    • He can manipulate ice into any form he imagines.
    • He can level the density of ice making the attack as deadly as it can be or as weak as it could be.
    • Ice is able to change his own and other's blood into ice, which can kill them if cold enough.
    • Ice, in Super form can control Antarctica (Mobius version).
  • Super Speed
    • Sonic and Shadow are the only people who beat him. He is faster than Tails.
  • Super Hedgehog Strength

Special Abilities

  • Ice has a Super form, in which he turns silver, but other than that looks the same.
    • Super form: 1000 percent increase in all aspects.
    • Super form: able to withstand up to 9000 degrees and degrees below zero 90000000000000 (I know it's a bit much).
    • Super form:  All the regular perks: flight, increased speed etc.......
  • Ability to adapt to any environment naturally.
  • Can withstand great pain without even flinching, blinking or any other sign of pain.
  • Supernova. By running for 2 minutes straight, if he stops, he can move pieces of the Earth, but he has to be running for 2 minutes straight at top speed in one direction.
  • His jacket has built in boosters, granting him the ability to glide.


  • Survivor skills (taught by the wolves)
  • Immense Offensive Training (by the Mentor)
  • Immense Defensive Training (by the Mentor
  • Mind Attack Training (by the Mentor)
  • Manipulation of Ice Training (by the Mentor)
  • 22 different mastered martial arts (taught by the Mentor)
  • Weaponry Training: Swords, Katanas, Bow and Arrow, Boomerangs, Grenades, Nukes, Staff, Nunchucks, Sai, Shields, etc...............(by the Mentor)
  • Emotionally Controlled Training (by the Mentor)
  • Incredible Intelligence (by the Mentor)
  • Unpredictable Fighting Style, incorporating many techniques (by the Mentor)


  • Emotion:
    • Emotions drive Ice to extreme methods, and animal instinct.
  • Not many powers
    • He doesn't have many powers, so incredibly intelligent beings can detect him fighting style even though it isn't predictable.
  • Competition
    • Though well rounded, he has many rivals for specific aspects. Ice's persistence can be a problem. (Sonic=Speed, Knuckles=Strength, Tails=Technological Weaponry and Gadgets.)
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