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Ice Crystal the Fox is a fan character created by GalaxyWorld27 (Known as sonicgalaxy27 on YouTube). Since making new friends in her life, her desire is to keep the peace in the world and keep Celestial Kingdom safe from danger and harm by any means necessary. 


Ice Crystal is a female Fox who has light blue fur and light blue turquoise eyes and has a blue tail on her back. She has grey skin and also has a black tattoo on the side of her face. She also wears a blue shirt with a black belt around her waist and has a blue skirt with it. However, She also wears fingerless gloves with a purple ring in both of her wrist attach to her off shoulder sleeves. She also wears a dark blue and gray boots with blue straps on it and wears black leggings witch is almost close up to her thighs.


Ice Crystal personality states that she is a kindhearted, lovable, caring and a loyal helpful person with a good behavior around her friends. Sometimes she has a temper when one of her friends doesn't listen to her plans carefully or doesn't understand what she is talking about in some situations she is in.

Ice Crystal has a distinct love for ice cream, pancakes, and Pop music. She sometimes doesn't get stuck on some events much often. She always checks on her kingdom sometimes just in case anything bad happen to the castle and her land and she has her guards watching the place even her parents while she is away from her home to be with her friends. Ice Crystal is always looking forward to the future and see what her future holds for her and her family witch she will always be ready for events and what she can counter for herself.

She doesn't like to go to the volcano because she is afraid on going near it because it will burn her skin and her fur off completely. She also doesn't like to fly because she is scared of heights and high places witch she doesn't have the power to fly.


Ice Crystal was 5 years old when her parents ruled the Celestial Kingdom during the time at a very young age. Her parents are both kings and queens in the kingdom when they were very young. However, they discover that the kingdom needs a female princess to take the throne in the castle as a new ruler in Celestial kingdom. Both her parents believe that Ice Crystal might not be capable to take the throne as the new princess of the kingdom because one of the guards thinks that she is too young to be a princess and doesn't have any ice and snow abilities like her family does.

At the age of 12, she is able to gain ice powers after she was bitten by a radioactive wolf in her right arm witch the wolf was used as a experiment in some lab and she was injured badly. After she recover from her wound she learn how to used her ice powers well and wisely by controlling them. However, she learn how to used them from her master and train her to used those moves well. Ice Crystal always enjoys the snow in her homeland, but she hates the fact that she doesn't like to be stuck in the castle all day. All she wants to do is to have fun and make some friends in the outside of her homeland but her mother believes that its not safe for her to go to the outside world because its too dangerous for her and she is being overprotective on her daughter because of witches, polar bears and monsters. Her mother Elisa forbid her for going to the outside world and will not allow her to go anywhere in that world, because she wants to keep Ice Crystal safe from any harm.

After one of the celestial guards has made a final vote that who will become the female princess of celestial kingdom, they selected Ice Crystal to become a princess of the celestial kingdom on her 15th birthday and she was really surprised about the vote in her hometown in celestial kingdom.

When she reach the age of 20, she believe that she will do anything to protect the kingdom and her family from harm. But she went to the outside world known as another world when she make some new friends and visit them anytime without her mother, her father and her brother knowing. At age 21, she also thinks about stepping down for being the princess of celestial kingdom and quit being the ruler and give the throne to somebody else who is worthy of being the next ruler of the kingdom and her successor. The reason for this is because of Ice Crystal doesn't like to do this kind of stuff all the stuff and started to get bored of it.



Powers & Abilities

While her powers is in her DNA after being bitten by a radioactive wolf in her right arm, she a couple of ice powers that she can used and learn.

Ice beam: She can shoot her ice powers with her hands and freeze her opponents inside the ice.

Ice Blizzard: She can shoot ice in her mouth by freezing her opponents and anything slowly.

Blizzard Climax V1: This move can make any area snow up to 30 mile radius from the sky. However, its not a attack move even so this is Blizzard Climax V1.

Blizzard Climax V2: This move is a bit strong but it can blow her opponents far away with that move or attack them with it.

Ice Punch: Even so she likes to fight close combat with her hands and feet, She can used Ice punch as a attack move. However, it doesn't freeze her opponents when she hits them with it.


If she uses Blizzard Climax V2 and use too much of its power, She will pass out completely and won't able to used her powers again for 84 hours meaning that her powers will not activate in her body until those hours are up and she will sometimes think that she lost her powers.

She can't handle electricity and thunder witch making her ice powers a bit weaker against electricity move.


  • Her color scheme almost resembles Rippley from Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 battle pass. However, he is made out of slurp juice and has its own location, Slurp Swamp. It was added in Chapter 2 season 1.
  • Ice Crystal is voice by Alexis Tipton who also voices Lucina from the Fire Emblem series and voices iris from the manga Fire Force.
  • Her clothes is made out of crystals.
  • She wears her princess outfit everyday witch states that her current outfit means that she is actually a princess in her homeland.
  • Her parents never lets her take a vacation because they want her in celestial kingdom and her homeland to defend her family honor from any harm.
  • When Ice Crystal blushes on her face, hers is color blue.


Ice Crystal-0

Ice Crystal art by me.

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