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Cquote1 No one will ever be able to stop me. No evil can halt my advance. I am justice. I am good. I am Ice Cquote2
Ice, Disaster Club

Ice is a mysterious hedgehog-like being from the island of Coldreach. He was created when a large block of ice absorbed a small amount of Chaos Energy from a Chaos Emerald, giving him life and several powers. He travels the word trying to understand life and dispensing justice of a slightly different kind.


Ice's body is made up of solid blocks of ice: the only separation are his joints and neck. His head is a triangle shape with two white eyes on the front, although they have been known to change to a piercing red colour when he's provoked. Hedgehog quills spike from behind his head. He has spikes on the end of his arms that somehow manage to pass for hands (He doesn't have a problem using them,at least). His joints are small sticks of ice that are hard to see unless you look up close and shouldn't really work in practice.


Due to his method of creation, Ice is almost completely emotionless. Although his past interactions with human beings have taught him what emotions are and he has begun to feel them to some extent, he is still largely confused by what they are. As such, he usually comes across as insensitive even when he is well meaning.

Ice's emotional insensitivity makes him a natural loner. He travels to wherever he is needed, so rarely has time to talk to those he's helped or befriend anyone unless they are in areas that are regular targets for his enemies (such as Westopolis, the home of Kabletech). Since he is so focused on fighting villains, he rarely has time to learn English and such his speech tends to be broken, although he is slowly learning.

Ice believes himself to be a completely moral person. However, his view of morality is very black and white. He'd go further than most heroes to defeat his enemies and isn't above killing his enemies in the pursuit of a perfect society. If someone gets in his way, no matter if they're good or not, the only explanation must be that they are evil.


Ice started out as a simple block of ice on the island of Coldreach. The island was being used as the base of a group of mercenaries who had captured a Chaos Emerald, intending to use it's energy to power weapons capable of holding cities to ransom. However, they had inadvertently stolen tech from the Word of Kiritsu, who lay siege to the island. During the battle, one of the mercenaries misfired a blast of Chaos Energy from the Emerald that struck a nearby ice block that somehow absorbed the impact. This was ignored and the battle continued, with the mercenaries being defeated by the Word. However, 3 days later the ice block came to life and inadvertently teleported itself hundreds of miles away to Westopolis.

Ice was taken in by a group of university students who were sharing a room together: a human named Venus McCarthy, a Mobian bear named Matthew Black and a Mobian hedgehog named Johnathon Persona. John regularly fought crime as a hero, and Ice began to join him, fighting against Kabletech and their leader Kable the Fox. However, while John and the other 2 taught Ice the difference between right and wrong, they may have taught it too well, giving Ice his black and white definition of morality.


Sonic Guardians

Ice appears in the alternate dimension that hosts the events of Sonic Guardians. He is a speed-type character in Sonic Guardians. He is part of the DLC and has 4 acts, along with Cream and Big.

After sensing Shadow and Silver were trying to obtain the Chaos Emerald on Coldreach, Ice set out to get it back. However, when he reached the pool of water where the Chaos Emerald was hidden, Ice discovered a note telling him if he didn't bring Eggman the "reactor", Coldreach would be melted. Not having a reactor, Ice set off to discover what Eggman is up to.

After traveling to Sandstorm Desert, Ice attacks Cream the Rabbit, but stops after he discovers she got a similar note. He did the same thing for Big the Cat in Crystal Caverns. After Big told him that he fell into the caverns, Ice shows him the exit. However, when they exit the mines they discover Eggman Nega, who has captured Cream, her classmates, and Froggy, and is behind the recent events. He accuses one of the three heroes of stealing a dark matter reactor, but none of them have it, leading to a battle between Nega and Ice, Big and Cream. After defeating Nega, Froggy shapeshifts and reveals himself as Tel-Eth. The mysterious being tells them that he stole the Dark Matter reactor and is sorry for roping all of them into this. Tel-Eth flies into space as Ice returns to Coldreach.

In his secret ending, Ice is seen talking to Shadow. He asks Shadow if what he's about to do is a battle of good and evil. Shadow says yes, and Ice joins him.

Powers and Abilities

Ice's main advantage in combat comes from being made of ice: Although he can still be shattered and defeated, he can reattach the ice that makes up his body. He also has extremely powerful cryokinesis. He can freeze enemies, create objects out of ice and even use these powers to heal himself and recreate his limbes. He also uses his powers to turn the ground under him too ice, allowing him too skate at high speeds or put his enemies off balance.

Due to being created by a Chaos Emerald, Ice also has a weak version of Chaos Control which allows him to teleport short distance and warp time back a few seconds, allowing him to dodge attacks. He also seems to have some degree of resistance to telepathy, as Natalie Walker was unable to read his mind.


Ice's main weakness comes from his advantage. His frozen body means he doesn't react well to hot environments, and enough heat will melt entirely. Although he can still survive as water, he has no control over his form and usually has to wait for others to reform him, or at least wait until the air around him cools down. Also, using his Chaos abilities without use of a Chaos Emerald drains him massively: even teleporting further than a few meters can shatter him completely.

His lack of understanding of emotion and the human race also makes him very gullible and he can be easily manipulated. On the flip side, his sense of justice also means he is very unlikely to change his goals once he focuses on them, believing anyone who tells him his goals are wrong to be evil.


  • Ice is the oldest of my OCs on the wiki and in real life. I made the general concept of a sentient block of ice that looked like Sonic back when Sonic Unleashed came out, but it never truly got fleshed out till now.
  • Ice is voiced by David Vincent in Disaster Club.

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