Ice is one of the many elements used in the Sonic Fanon universe, amongst others. It is one of the ten main Elements; the others include;

Its opposite is Fire.

Element Description

Ice shares certain similarities with its opposite element Fire; while capable of being graceful, Ice is often a swift, brutal, and powerful element. However, Ice is more capable in both support and defense than the Fire element. In terms of offense, Ice attacks are very much like Fire attacks; they focus on striking the enemy fast and hard, overwhelming and subduing them as quickly as possible. Also like the Fire element, Ice attacks are effective in all ranges; close, mid, and long range. However, while the Fire element deals additional damage through the intense burns it inflicts, the Ice element can freeze enemies, restricting movement. This opens up new options for an Ice user, including restricting the enemy for non-lethal combat.

In terms of support and defense, Ice has several effective options. These include forming walls and barriers of solid ice to block incoming attacks. Support includes concealment and misdirection, which is done by cooling the air to condense airborne water and create fog to reduce visibility. This gives a prime opportunity for surprise attacks; due to Ice being a fast and powerful element, such attacks are typically devastating.

While Ice is an effective element in offense, defense, and support, Ice carries key vulnerabilities. The biggest weakness is weather: because Ice condenses and freezes water and oxygen for most attacks, warm weather can cripple Ice techniques. In fact, severe enough ambient heat can render Ice techniques utterly useless. In addition, Ice can be a fragile element without proper fortification, allowing sturdier elements like Earth and Metal to break through Ice techniques.

Strong Against (Offensive)

Elements that take a lot of damage against Ice-aligned attacks.

Strong Against (Defensive)

Elements that do little damage against Ice-aligned beings.

Weak Against (Offensive)

Elements that take little damage against Ice-aligned attacks.

Weak Against (Defensive)

Elements that do a lot of damage against Ice-aligned beings.
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal

Ice-Aligned Deities


The living embodiment of the Ice element. The Ice Clan is centered around this deity.


He is capable of using the Advanced element of Permafrost.


She is capable of using the Advanced element of Wraith.


He is capable of using the Advanced element of Frostbite.


She is capable of using the Advanced element of Aurora.


Ice Deity Hyougami

She is capable of using the Advanced element of Tundra in both her normal and divine forms.

Ice-Aligned Artifacts

Particularly powerful or well-known/legendary artifacts that are tied to the Element of Ice.

The Frozen Orb of Kyanos

One of the ten Elemental Orbs that are tied to The Elemental Gods. It resembles a relatively round sphere of ice with many facets, sparkling like a frozen jewel. Despite this, it is only cool to the touch.

Ice-Aligned Species

Any species or race tied to the Element of Ice.


  • Cryochidna - A subspecies of echidna. Portmanteau of "cryo" and "echidna".
  • Cryohog - A subspecies of hedgehog. Portmanteau of "cryo" and "hedgehog".
  • Brumalion - A subspecies of lion. Portmanteau of "brumal" and "lion"
  • Borealynx - A subspecies of lynx. Portmanteau of "boreal" and "lynx".
  • Arctiger - A subspecies of tiger. Portmanteau of "arctic" and "tiger".
  • Gelidsel - A subspecies of weasel. Portmanteau of "gelid" and "weasel".
  • Snowolf - A subspecies of wolf. Portmanteau of "snow" and "wolf".






Advanced Elements



  • Weather: A combination of Water, Ice, Wind and Electricity.
  • Cryoshock: A combination of Water, Ice and Electricity.

Legendary Beast Styles

  • Yeti style
  • Wendigo style

Chaos Variants

Advanced/Mixed Techniques

Add Elemental combination techniques here!

Elemental Forms

Ice, like most of the elements, has numerous forms achievable through different methods.

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