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Ian Fy Pyroclasm

Ian Fy Pyroclasm

Ian Fy Pyroclasm

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsBlair Hotshot
Physical Description
Description<---over there
Attire<---also over there
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • one handed sword
  • dual Glocks
  • Runic Spells
  • Dragon Fire Breath
  • Dragon Wings
  • Dark Fire Abilities
Super Forms
  • Dark Fire Ian
  • Ian Dark Demon
  • Ian Core Angel
  • Ian Pheonix Light
Other Information
American V.A.


Japanese V.A.N/A
Theme Song(s)N/A
Original CreatorShadow DragonKnight


Ian is a human male who found his way to the mobius realm. He came to be friends with all the mobians especially his best friend, Endac Dragonbane. He is a kind person but knows how to defend himself.

His Occupation

Ian is one of the many known Dragon Knights of Wyvern City. His code name and fire power is Darkfire, a blackish blue flame that controls both the elements of Fire and Darkness.


Ian is about the age of 17, has Fiery Red hair and wears a Red trenchcoat over an Orange T-shirt and blue jeans. Ian is a human so he is not a gifted warrior with full element control, but he can swing a blade perfectly. He carries an assortment of weapons such as: a Sword (obviously), Dual Glocks, and a Rune. He carries the Rune of Ral because it was his first rune as a runic spellcaster. He imprinted it into his sword's blade so he can quick cast the spell by sending energy to his blade.


Ian is a human and is not based in chaos energy, but he has been taught a little about elemental control, mainly Fire and Dark: Fireball, Fire Blast, Shadow Punch, Shadow Step, Pyro Uppercut, Shadow Blade, Dark Breaker, Fire Beast, Shadow Flame, Dark Fire Blitz, Dark Fire Rage, Dark Fire Apocalypse.


Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog-Friend

Felix the Echidna-Teammate

Krados Trandigo the Drowhog-Teamate

Sabin the Hedgehog-Teammate

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