This is an article about Ian "Scar" Van Hellsing, a character created by Wolf-of-SEGA-Moon on 06/17/2013.


Ian Van Hellsing


Ian van Hellsing is a very normal colored Mobian. He is black in color, with red streaks in his hair and scars covering his body. He has three claw scars covering his chest, much like Shadow's chest fur. His eyes are red, and he wears black boots. He also has very strange gloves. They are white, but the ends of them have little pointed ends, circling in a red and white color. His teeth are sharpened to points, and his hair is like Knuckles, but only on one side.


Ian is sadistic, insane, evil, and murderous. He will kill for fun. He'll kill for revenge. Be very careful of your words if you cross him, because your first conversation with him could very well be your last.


Born to unknown parents, Ian was adopted by Professor Gerald Robotnik. Ian was adopted a mere 2 years after Shadow was born. Ian looked up to Shadow as a brother. Then, when he finally grew up, he was forced off the ARK along with everyone else. Ian refused to leave, and protected his brother Shadow while he ran away with Maria. This was the last thing Ian did alive. After his death, he was sent to the Underworld. He was challenged by Hades that if he could survive the horrors of the Underworld, he would be returned to life. Ian made through many various tortures, including Pinkamena's Cupcakes. Hades let him live, returning him to his body, healed and well. Ian, after seeing the chaos in the Underworld, went mad and tried to destroy the Earth. He was stopped by Mia-su the Wolf, and has hated her, the Holy, and the Overworld ever since. But ever since he found love, he's slowly becoming reformed...

Special Abilities

Ian's special abilities are limited, but there are only four known at the time. These four are:

Demon Ressurect: He uses an amulet to control demons. This was how he hypnotised Jewel.

The Cicaida's Cry: He straps the victim down and slowly takes their nails out, stabs them, and eventually kills them.

Insanity Spell: The victim is slowly made insane. First, they see demons, then they become paranoid, and then Ian finally calls Blade to give them the Vampire's Kiss.

Stitches: This is Ian's super form. His scars turn into stitches and he turns completely satanic, but keeping his color.


Ian, though very evil and sadistic, is weak to more things than people think. He is weak to sunlight, quartz weapons, and the Valkyrie's Song. Sunlight because when he was wearing the Amulet of Night, he walked outside. The amulet singed him, and he has been scared of the sun ever since. Quartz because it radiates a certain energy, much like Kryptonite. The Valkyrie's Song because Ian cannot stand anything Holy.

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