Hypnosis is an effective stalling/distraction technique. This attack is also performed a multitude of ways. The user may:

  • Move their hands in a hypnotic motion
  • Release a wave of energy
  • Mesmerize the opponent with a hypnotic gaze
  • Release a concentrated blast of energy in a certain shape or form

Regardless of how the move is performed, the effect is the same, in that it lulls the target(s) into a deep sleep. However, this move is rather inaccurate, and is preferably used at close-range when the target can't easily dodge.


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However, while there are few main variants of the move, a minor known variant of it is an ability of the Masenko Sharingan, the second stage Sharingan Eye, the bloodline ability of the Knuckles clan. With it, if they lock eyes with someone, certain people can use their Sharingan to hypnotize or brainwash the target, although that is uncommon, and does not affect another Sharingan wielder.

Another minor variant is the Machiko Genkai.It is a bloodline ability that runs throughout Lita The Hedgehog's family.It allows the user to hypnotize the opponent as well as create illusions within the opponent's mind.It requires direct eye contact with the oppenent.There are special moves set for both male and female with the females Machiko trait being Seduction(thoug it doesn't affect those of the opposite sex or those of young age). While men recieve the ability to wipe out their opponents short term memory making them forget what's happened(range of time they forget varies).

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