Hypera 0.0, or just Hypera, is an insane robot made Dr. Eggman to kill Sonic. Hypera was made of parts of Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic, and Silver Sonic so that he could pass Sonic's speed. His first appearance was in The Metallix Chronicles, as the main villain of Chronicle 1.
Hypera 0.0 Redesign


His torso is Mecha Sonic's old torso, with Mecha's power core still attached. His right arm is Metal Sonic's, while his left one is Silver Sonic's. His left leg is Mecha Sonic's, and his right one is Silver Sonic's. His head is a connection of Metal Sonic's, Mecha Sonic's, and Silver Sonic's.


After Metal Sonic went to the good side, Dr. Eggman was furious. He went into his vault, where he kept all of his old Sonic robots. He took apart Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, and a Metal Sonic prototype, and added them together. Eggman gave it millions of commands, which forced it into destroying The Death Egg.

After the Death Egg's descruction, Hypera went insane and had his eyes focused on Sonic and the actual Metal Sonic, which he both wanted dead. This lead Hypera to try and kill everything in Mobius.

Hypera's sprite.


He is evil and insane, as his brain wasn't meant for all the anger that the three robots he was made of had. He's always in a bad mood, and is rarely ever happy.


He was given the power of Chaos Control when Shadow used it against Biolizard, as he was around at that time. He was also given the power of Ultra Speed when he was being made.

Special Abilities

Hypera's first Specaial Ability is to learn Triple Fire, a move that no one else can learn. When using Triple Fire, Hypera spits out a wave of magma and fire and sends it at his opponents. His second Special Ability is to see things that are hidden, such as Metal Sonic's heart.


In The Metallix Chronicles, it was revealed that his only weakness was pure happiness and positive feelings. For instance, when Tails is cheering for Sonic at the final battle, Hypera screams in pain, as if he got hurt somewhere. With enough positive energy, he can short-circuit, or even explode.

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