The Hyper Fusion Technique is a technique created by Platinum The Echidna.


The HFT is a method of merging two fighters together. However, it will only work if the two fighters have the same elemental power, or have two powers that compliment each other. (For instance, a fire/ice fusion, a nature/earth fusion, or an ice/ice fusion would be perfectly fine, while something like dark/metal would not really be very strong.) It can also work if the personalities of the two people compliment each other/are the same. It is preformed by a series of yoga poses, each representing the powers of the user. After the series of poses is complete, the two will merge into one person. Only Platinum can tell what poses a person would need to represent themselves, and so some come to ask her. (Actually, skilled psychologists or telepaths would be able to figure out what poses someone would have to do as well, it's simply that Platinum has a spell that simply tells the poses. It's a lot less time consuming.) There are drawbacks, however. The poses could easily be interrupted, if just one is messed up, the whole process is ruined. Also, if the resulting fusion takes enough damage, it will revert to two people again. The fusion will automatically revert if an hour has passed, or if the fused being wishes to split apart. This technique will give an enormously big increase in power, making up for its weaknesses. When Blue and Red Platinum used this technique, they managed to become Perfect Platinum, a Super Form. Keep in mind that the increase in power depends on how the fusees' powers compliment each other.



  • They will need to know the set of poses that they need to do.
  • Concentration
  • A suitable partner
  • About a minute or so to preform the technique

Significant Variants

There are no known variants to this technique.


This technique has not been ranked yet, as no one else has given an opinion about it yet. The creator would make it an A or S rank, however.

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