The Hymmnos Clan is a clan of advanced Mobian-like creatures who have the hereditary ability of Song Magic. They are known widely and respected greatly by all races, due to the fact that they assisted the Ela'Cieldra in creating parts of the universes and dimensions, spreading the concept of emotions to other beings by Xhalustenia's will, and for their great wisdom and power. Due to their past actions, they are revered greatly by other races and tribes. They are also called Reyvateils by scientists.


9,0000,0000 millennium ago, after Apokhridel was defeated and banished forever, the Ale'Cieldra started to create universes and worlds. Each deity was assigned a duty to maintain a balance in the world, each deity for each realm. One of the deities, Xhalustenia, the Goddess of Songs, Waves and Emotions, was assigned to maintain the Energy Waves of the worlds, keeping them stabilized. She decided to create mortals that would help her in spreading emotions to all sentient beings. These mortals would soon be known as the Hymmnos Clan. The clan served their duty in helping the gods shape parts of the world, and spreading emotions around dimensions. As they wondered the dimensions and cosmos, they would soon walk upon a dimension which they would settle into.

Due to their ancient power, countless past honourable deeds and great wisdom, they are revered greatly by the other tribes and races as servants of the heavens. In fact, there are even temples and statues dedicated to the Hymmnos Clan.

Behaviour & Culture

The culture of the Hymmnos Clan is considered unique by the rest of the worlds who have experienced it, having described it as a highly social type. It has been shown that their culture is highly advanced, both in race and technology, while maintaining a perfect symbiosis/relationship with nature, a factor that has made other cultures pale in contrast to Hymmnian culture, and green with envy for it.



Known as the "Soldier" Class, this class is composed of militaristic figures. They act mainly on the will of Dialjepra and Senators.


Arkyars are militaristic figures who are equivalent to commanders. As a high status above any other military figure, Arkyars act as the backbone and brain of the Hymmnian military. Although their position is high, they are obedient and loyal to the Senators. Most of the reason for their orders of forces are by will of the Senators.



Cultural/Political Figures

Dialjepra (Dialjess & Dialjer)

Dialjer (Diarujerru)

Also called the "King", Dialjer translates to "Divine King" or simply "God".

Dialjess (Diarujessu)

Also called the "Queen", Dialjess translates to "Divine Queen" or simply "Goddess".

Diasee (Diashii)
Diaseela (Diashiira)

Filariazil (Firariajiru)

A Filariazil is a president of Sol Ciel. The name translates to "Protector of Life".


A Jewizzil is a president of Vargiria. The name translates to "Wise One".


A Myridia is a president of Sol Drakna. The name translates to "Leader of Myriads".


The Nyttermae is a person who is chosen to become the overseer and administrator of a Nyttermaus.


A political figure who is chosen by Ar Tonelico. The Prathmos is tasked with overseeing the environmental status of mainly Elemia. They act as a sub-political leading figure/subordinate under the will of the Senator of Soleia. The name translates to "Bringer of Life".

Senator of Lunis

Senator of Soleia

One of the main political figures in the Hymmnos Clan and presumably Elemia, they are tasked with overseeing and maintaining the mental and physical health of not only their clan, but also other citizens, clans, races and probably outside governments. They are a symbol of hope and light to Elemia, offering aid to the weak. They act as advisors to the Dialjepra, and work hand in hand with the Senators of Lunis.


A Sentinel is a political leading figure of Sol Drakna. They are tasked with overseeing the militaristic status of Sol Drakna, and act directly under the will and orders of the Senator of Lunis. They also act as advisors to the Myridia.


A Silarzil is a president of Sol Campania. The name translates to "Chosen One".


A Valisine is a person who acts directly under the Senator of Soleia, and could be considered an apprentice or pupil to the mentioned. They are tasked with leading and organising charity events, acting as advisors to other political figures, and mainly overseeing the health and status of Rhaplanne's society and people. They usually act as advisors or secondary leaders for Rhaplanne.


The clan's level of knowledge concerning technology is highly advanced, mostly revolving around and utilizing the qualities and laws of Seliphology and Energy Waves.


Hymmnosens are gentle, docile and friendly, incredibly sensitive and aware of any outside changes to society or the environment around them.


Sol Ciel

Sol Cielians are much more tidier and reserved than their fellow Reyvateils, only second to Syestinians. They are usually found tending to be more prim and proper, preferring to be more 'tidy' then their friendly-rival Sol Draknians.

Sol Drakna

Sol Draknians have a much more hardy, stricter and aggressive than their brethren Reyvateils. They display a high level of stubbornness and ambition, which usually leads them into situations where they often have to rely on the Tindharians and others for help. Since they are determined to be solely independent, wanting to do things on their own, the fact that they have to rely on others for help is pretty much a blow to their pride. They also have a rivalry-friendship with the Sol Cielians, evident from national competitions much to Tindharia's chagrin and frustration.

Sol Campania



Tindharian Reyvateils are very open and highly empathetic with not only their own kind, but with others from races different from theirs, marking them as great and highly skilled therapists and psychiatrists. They are described as being the most communicable than any other, often acting as mediators between the Sol Cielans and the Sol Draknians. They also usually act as emissaries for the clan to other races.


Vargirians are considered to be more territorial and aware of others and their surroundings, being slightly xenophobic of those from Rokkanyo. They have a preference for the countryside and forest environments like their fellow Tindharians. When they fight, they usually exhibit a rough and feral style of combat, preferring to attack headfirst, rushing into combat before strategizing first, which usually earns them a number of scars that they take as their marks of honour, pride and maturity.

Classifications & Biology


Binary Field

The Binary Field is the basis and foundation of the Hymmnosen's Animasphere and mind. It serves as a source and foundation for how their personality and mind functions, and the qualities they exclusively possess in each of themselves. Located in the deepest parts of the Animasphere (basically residing within near the soul's core), it is directly connected to the Hymmnosen's Qualia, and each Binary Field has its own code and structure. On the outside, they may appear all the same, but each one is different, and have different purviews and spiritual structures completely differentiating from each other. The most thing that can be comparable to this is DNA, only in spiritual form, which forms the basis of our own unique qualities and body structures. The same goes for the Binary Field, only be made of spiritual genetic coding that gives each Hymmnosen their own individual and unique quirks and traits.

However, because of their similarity in function to organic DNA and the levels they reside in, Binary Fields are rather dangerous for any non-Hymmnosen to enter except for Alpha Cielas, and this is because of 2 reasons.

The first reason is because Binary Fields are a huge concentration of H-Waves and P-Waves, and the concentration is so high, that they are intense enough to rip apart and erode away at a living being's H-Waves and P-Waves, even overriding them. α Cielas are only able to enter the Binary Field safely due to the fact that their Soulspaces and Animaspheres are directly connected to Ar Tonelico and Yggdrasil via their own respective servers. Because they are deeply connected to the 2 servers, their soul frequencies are all given matching frequency energy levels. If one's soul frequency was higher than the other, and the latter entered the former's Animasphere, than the former's waves would easily overwhelm the latter's, resulting in death if not prevented quickly. This is also the very reason why the Dive Machines were invented for Divus Therapy for non-Hymmnosens and Hymmnosens to use when Diving. However Dive Machines cannot completely scan frequencies in a Binary Field since they are too intense, and thus access is only limited to non-Hymmnosens in Animasphere Lvls. 1 to 10. Hymmnosens and those who are not can enter and access the Binary Field, but only with the help of an α Ciela Hymmnosen since they have the power to protect the Diver as long as they are accompanying them. If any non-Hymmnosen were to enter the Binary Field (without the aid of an α Ciela), they would be instantly disintegrated into packets of Energy Waves and information and destroyed, resulting in imminent death.

The second reason is because of their connection to a Hymmnosen's mind. Binary Fields are directly connected to the Hymmnosen's spiritual structure and function like human and Mobian brains, are if parts of it were altered, then the change would manifest physically and mentally in the Hymmnosen, and the results would not be positive probably. It's like DNA and what happens to it when altered, resulting in mutation. If a part of the Binary Field was altered --say for example, the part that controls personality --, then that would result in the Hymmnosen's personality being changed as well. Due to the level of function within Binary Fields, only α Cielas have the authority to access them and alter them only in case of emergencies or exclusive situations.

In essence, the Binary Fields are actually the Qualias itself, which is why the Binary Field is capable of changing personalities if altered. And because the Binary Fields are Qualias, then that would explain the reason for why it is so dangerous to enter/be in, since Qualias are basically found in the deepest parts of the Soulspace.

Mind Guardians

Boundary Gates

Divus Therapy

Installer Port

Biological Classes

Class Scientific Name (Reyvateil) Advantages Weaknesses Validations
α Ciela Genarthia SH1 Archα Ciela
  • Life: 195-2C
  • Can access server without Validation.
  • Binary Field access.
  • Fast healing rate.
  • Access to all Animaspheres.
  • Compatibility with any Note.
  • Master authority over servers.
  • Zolorium Radiation.
  • 5 times more mentally vulnerable
  • Cannot absorb Divitalis
  • Cannot withstand Symphonic Waves except Symphonic HW.
Anirisul, Celonul, Teiwaz
β Sekel Familindi SH2 Archβ Sekel
  • Life: 19D-195 yrs
  • Can have α Validations.
  • 3 times more mentally vulnerable.
  • Can withstand Zolorium Radiation
  • Incompatible with RACTA00.
Arslune, Felir, Velixum
γ Solir Sublitagor SH3 Archγ Solir
  • Life: 185-19D
  • Immune to Rupture
  • Highly Tempered.
  • Highly temperamental.
Fehu, Ornest, Phylagi
δ Viola Kindolaris SH4 Archδ Viola
  • Life: 18D-185 yrs
  • Fast singing rate
  • Highly Tempered
Sophoric, Sen, Wasilen
ε Bezel Ordanim SH5 Archε Bezel
  • Life: 175-18D
  • Immune to Echo
  • Able to enter "Berserker" Mode.
  • Cannot Persona Fuse.
Andante, Dagaz, Nyerom
ζ Dia Lineimei SH6 Archζ Dia
  • Life: 17D-175 yrs
  • Cannot download Hymn Crystals
  • Zolorium Radiation
Baster, Nanorn, Proxil
η Cello Societma SH7 Archη Cello
  • Life: 165-17D
  • Hymmno-Extriums depletes Telomere, shortening lives.
Anjul, Enultu, Rahid
θ Galua Lunastria SH8 Archθ Galua
  • Life: 16D-165 yrs
  • Able to withstand temperatures below 0 Degrees Celsius.
  • Zolorium Radiation
  • Hymmno-Extriums can cause fever.
  • Unable to survive in temperatures beyond -40 Degrees Celsius.
Phylyata, Schneiz, Solir
ι Kos Systerum SH9 Archι Kos
  • Life: 155-16D
  • Immune to Static
  • Incapable of creating Energy Waves.
  • Incompatible with SYS=VAR.
  • Cannot perform Axis Shifts
Neosk, Phylira, Twath
κ Sol Kardisel SH10 Archκ Sol
  • Life: 15D-155 yrs
  • Immune to mind control
  • No Boundary Gate in Soulspace.
Ley, Listeliem, Philuye
λ Mir Gaitori SH11 Archλ Mir
  • Life: 145-15D
  • Unable to Chain Link.
  • Can only perform 3rd or 4th Axis Shifts
Clemaha, Lacre, Nuntius
μ Onda Terriad SH12 Archμ Onda
  • Life: 14D-145 yrs
  • Can only use Cosmophase near Server
  • Zolorium Radiation
Batel, Flinadel, Quistia
ξ Alto Magiel SH13 Archξ Alto
  • Life: 135-14D
  • Can fully withstand Symphonic Waves
  • Zolorium Radiation
  • Inability to perform 5th or 4th Axis Shifts.
Blarijes, Fyllapra, Hajilez
π Vala Genersmo SH14 Archπ Vala
  • Life: 13D-135 yrs
  • Immune to Jinx
  • Animaspheres can only be Dived into by beings of higher class than them.
Inoah, Enja, Danteki
σ Genel Saliatus SH15 Archσ Genel
  • Life: 125-13D
  • Zolorium Radiation
Joteki, Junkasha, Xenchea
υ Dios Dominebu SH16 Archυ Dios
  • Life: 12D-125 yrs
  • Immune to Noise
Enthel, Sokaja
φ Exir Vespegion SH17 Archφ Exir
  • Life: 115-12D
  • Weak immune system, require daily dosages of Divitalis.
Ekrom, Flinuzir, Obsequiem
χ Adil Orkestro SH18 Archχ Adil
  • Life: 11D-115 yrs
  • Can only use Spell Songs.
  • Incompatible with Glorium.
  • Cannot perform 6th or 7th Axis Shifts
Atokalt, Einzagra, Gokasha
ψ Vadil Vistalum SH19 Archψ Vadil
  • Life: 105-11D
  • Cannot create Genoms.
  • Cannot Purge.
Makkasha, Uox, Xeciela
ω Cie Prioriatus SH20 Archω Cie
  • Life: 1C-105 yrs
  • Can maintain physical form even if disconnected.
  • 19.6% of being born with an Alpha Validation.
  • Weak physical body, can easily cave in from one hit.
  • Can only use Hymmnos Spells in Cosmophase.
Fukira, Japalom, Nalira

Note: C stands for century. E.g. 1C = 100 yrs. D stands for decade, which is equal to ten.

Alpha 6D_Ciel_RuDia

Scientific Name: Qualia Omnigrata SDH0 Alpha Ciel_RuDia Reyvateil

Alpha Ciela

Scientific Name: Genarthia SH1 ArchAlpha Ciela Reyvateil

Known to the most powerful Reyvateils of all in the clan, they were known to be administrators of the Song Servers, and were the highest order of the biological class family. In the modern era now, Alpha Cielas still exist today, though there is few of them, with approximately about 12.6% of the entire Reyvateil population as Alpha Cielas.

Alpha Cielas have a higher H-Wave purity, which amplifies the strength of their Song Magic, though this factor varies from Reyvateil to Reyvateil, usually concerning their level of emotional output. As the first class of Reyvateils to exist, they had a higher authority than other Reyvateils, and were able to assume administrative authority over Song Servers, are thus, were seen as children of gods, which is partly true, considering the fact that they were created by a goddess.

Despite their capabilities of assuming and wielding administrative influences, they cannot Dive into the Animaspheres of their fellow brethren, due to security and safety reasons and protocols imposed by the Alpha 6D_Ciel_RuDias. This doesn't mean that the Alpha Cielas doesn't have the ability to do so; they do, but they are prohibited to do so. However, because their Soulspaces within Cielaservers are located nearest to the Rinkernators, they will sometimes unconsciously slip into the Animaspheres of others without knowing.

Beta Sekel


Delta Viola





Xi Alto

Pi Vala



Chi Adil

Psi Vadil

Omega Cie

Song Servers

Song Servers are special servers that help Hymmnosens with their Song Magic, and act as relay stations for Ar Tonelico. The first server, Ar Tonelico, was created by the goddess Xhalustenia, and is composed of organic matter, despite being a server, which is basically saying that the Tower is a machine. In a way, it could be interpreted as the Hymmnos Clan's very own "Tree of Life", which is quite supported with the title, which basically translates to "The Divine Tower", which may be a reference to Yggdrasil. Every Hymmnosen (and Genom) is connected and registered in their own specific Song Server, like a life support machine of some sort. At first, people would probably think of the Hymmnos Clan as "robots" due to the fact that they're connected to a Server which acts as their lifeline, but the Hymmnosens are 100% living, sentient beings, not robots, and there are reasons why they MUST be connected to a Server.

Because the Hymmnosens are beings who's wave compositions (specifically their H-Waves and D-Waves) are stronger than any other beings, and their Binary Field and D-Wave Structure composed of small amounts of Symphonic Energy Waves, this can pose a problem. The reason for this is because Symphonic type waves are violent and unstable, like nuclear energy in a way, but more powerful and violent. These waves, no matter how small or violent they are, are important to a Hymmnosen's body and health, because it forms and stabilizes their physical forms and Binary Fields. Frankly speaking, without those Symphonic Waves, they would have no physical form and their Binary Fields would start to suffer under the stress of them. This is the reason why Ar Tonelico was created. The Song Servers act as stabilizers and limiters to how much Symhonic Wave one's Binary Field can consume to sustain itself, and it keeps the violent waves restrained and under control, allowing the Hymmnosen to maintain his or her physical form.

The second reason for this is because of the Cielaservers installed in them to support Song Notes. Song Notes are dialects that are used in singing for Song Magic (mainly), and can prove to be powerful to evoke special effects. When it comes to invoking and manifesting small amounts of magic and energy, Song Notes themselves can produce enough energy for the song itself, proving their efficiency. The reason for why there are sub-servers for each Song Note? The answer is because of the amount of Wave level that each word evokes and contains. Take the word "deleir" from the Alpha SHURELIA words, and the word "calamila" from the Central Standard Words for example. Both words come from the Normus Note dialect, and they both have the meaning of "disaster" or "calamity". However, "deleir" is a word that is classified to belonging in the Alpha SHURELIA words, which are a list of words that can only be used by Alpha Cielas and Beta Sekels. "calamila" is a Central Standard, meaning that it can be used by Hymmnosens of any class. Each word, even if 2 of the words have the same meaning, or belong to the same family of words, -- have different wave spectrum levels, and are what determine the power by the Servers. For example, line A is "Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea" and line B "Was waa ra chs sarla mea". Both translate to "I shall very happily turn myself into a song" which would just mean that both of their wave levels would be the same results, right? Wrong. Take a look at the notes below, written by a Mobian researcher named Adrian.

"When a Reyvateil said 'Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea', and another said 'Was waa ra chs sarla mea', I noticed a difference of wave spectrum and emotional output levels in each sentence, despite the fact both sentences meant the same thing. I listed the level of each wave which was control by each word in a chart, from 0 to 9, 9 being the highest and most powerful level. When I compared the notes, Line B had a higher emotional spectrum and a frequency of 3680 Hz than Line A, which had a frequency of 2103 Hz."

Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea
 1   5  3   4     6     8  = 2103Hz
Was waa ra chs  sarla  mea
 1   6  3   4     9     8  = 3680Hz

"I then asked a Reyvateil why they had more than one word with the same meaning, and he said 'each word has its own power and control'. At first, I didn't understand what he meant, but I later realised that he meant that each word, despite their same meanings, each had its own form of control and level limitation over the Servers, which would assist them in determining how much power is required, and how much is needed to perform the effect required to activate the songs, improving efficiency without wasting power." Adrian.

The third reason is because of a need of power

Symphonic Energy Circulation System

Hymmno-Bio-Qualia Nucleic Acid (HBQNA)

Hymmno-Bio-Qualia Nucleic Acid (HBQNA) is a special form of DNA found only within Reyvateils and those who carry Reyvateilic lineages. It is found to be involved in the Symphonic Energy Circulatory System and the Soulspace, which additionally makes it involved in the functions of Song Magic.

Unlike usual DNA, HBQNA has been found to exhibit half-sentience like the mitochondrion of cells, which would imply it being a separate organism, though it seems unlikely since DNA is literally pure biological genetic data and coding. This behaviour is evident during the time where a Reyvateil suffers from a certain condition where their Reyvateilic nature becomes awake. There have been cases where some Reyvateils are born with dormant HBQNA. The DNA can awaken at random times, meaning there is no fixed time as to when it awakens from this 'dormant' state. During this state, Reyvateils are unable to use Song Magic. The reason for this is because of the HBQNA's connections to the person's Soulspace.

The Binary Field is actually a space within the Reyvateil's Qualia, containing, carrying and displaying the genetic data, coding and information contained within the HBQNA, which means that it is connected to the Soulspace. This explains how the HBQNA is directly related to the functions of the Animasphere, Boundary Gates and the functions of anything related to Song Magic.




Hymmno-Registration Codes (HRC)

Source/Condition HRC Structure Note
[Song Server] >> Ar Tonelico [F/N]_[AC/P]_[V]::[O/G]_[S/N]>>AR=TONELICO Used by Reyvateils when outside Elemia, it uses Ar Tonelico's vast and huge signal radius to reach out to their respective servers. The exceptions to this are those linked to Ethesecta, Pantha Rhei, Public Domain, Sol Marta and Ar Tonelico.
Alisteria Used by Reyvateils linked to Alisteria.
Ar Tonelico [F/N]_[V]_AR=TONELICO Used by Reyvateils linked to Ar Tonelico
Augusta Ciela
Aurum Zeta [F/N]_[B/C]::[V]_<=[AC/P]_AURUM=ZETA Used by Reyvateils linked to Aurum Zeta.
Ciel Nosurge
Cor Varda
Crescent Chronicle
Ethesecta [F/N]_[V]::[O/G]_[Ra.]>>[AC/P]_ETHESECTA Used by Reyvateils linked to Ethesecta.
Genom [F/N]>>[Creator]_[V]::[O/G]_Yggdrasil<=[S/N] Used by Genoms.
Infel Phira [F/N]_GEHx[Registration Code]_[V]xIPD::INFEL=PHIRA Used by Reyvateils linked to Infel Phira.
Kapa Dilete
Kiala Revm
Master Registar [F/N]_[C]=[V]::[R]_COMMUNI::SAT Used by Reyvateils linked to Master Registar.
Non-Reyvateil >> Genom/Reyvateil (Synchronization/Chain-Link) [F/N]=>[Reyvateil/Genom]>>[V]::[S/N]<-x_YGGDRASIL Used by a non-Reyvateil who is Synchronized with a Genom or Reyvateil.
Nostel [C]_[L/N]::[F/N]_[V]>>[R]_NOSTEL Used by Reyvateils linked to Nostel.
Pantha Rhei [F/N]_[AC/P]_[O/G]=[V].enter_PANTHA=RHEI Used by Reyvateils linked to Pantha Rhei.
Patra Pauwel [V]::[O/G]::{[AC/P]}=>[F/N]_PATRA=PAUWEL Used by Reyvateils linked to Patra Pauwel.
Public Domain [F/N]_[AC/P]_[O/G]_PUBLIC=DOMAIN Public Domain has no Validation in its HRC, due to its No-Control Policy. Used by Reyvateils linked to Public Domain.
Quon Desila [F/N]_[R]::[V]>>_QUON=DESILA Used by Reyvateils linked to Quon Desila.
Rhaska [F/N]_TYPEx[B/C]_[V]::[O/G]_RHASKA Used by Reyvateils linked to Rhaska.
Rootron [F/N]_::[V]//ROOTRON Used by Reyvateils linked to Rootron.
Seirei [F/N]_[V]::[O/G]=>[E/N]_SEIREI Used by Reyvateils linked to Seirei.
Senator of Lunis [F/N]_Ariul=SM_[COMMUNI::SAT / SOL=MARTA / SOREIL] Used only by the Senator of Lunis. The Servers under the Authority of Lunis are Master Registar, Sol Marta and Soreil.
Senator of Soleia [F/N]_Ariul=SH_[INFEL=PHIRA / QUON=DESILA / SEIREI] Used only by the Senator of Soleia. The Servers under the authority of Soleia are Infel Phira, Quon Desila and Seirei.
Sol Marta [F/N]_[AC/P]_[V]_SOL=MARTA Used by Reyvateils linked to Sol Marta. Does not require the radius of Ar Tonelico.
Soreil [V]>>[L/N]::[F/N]_SOREIL Used by Reyvateils linked to Soreil.
Technoliarsha DOMINUS::[F/N]_[V]_TECHNOLIARSHA Used by Reyvateils linked to Technoliarsha.
Yulerian [F/N]_MAGNA.[B/C]_[V]_YULERIAN Used by Reyvateils linked to Yulerian.
Zelver Falia

Here are some notes that should prove helpful in understand what is in the chart above.

  • [V] (Validation): the Validation Code of the individual, it should be written in normal form, with the beginning letter in capital form while the rest is in lowercase form.
  • [S/N] (Server Name): the Song Server that the individual is connected to, it should be written in capital letters. If the name is formed by 2 words, then a '=' is used in replacement of the space between the words. e.g.: "INFEL=PHIRA"
  • [AC/P] (Ale'Cieldra Patron/Representative Name): The Ale'Cieldra who's nature the individual's is similar/close to.
  • [F/N] (First Name): the first name given to the individual, it should be written in capital letters.
  • [C] (Society Class):
    • NOBILIS: Noble class, nobilitiy
    • REGNIS: Royal class, royal family
  • [L/N] (Family Name):
  • [E/N] (Elemental Nuclei):
    • Biousakatse
    • Iadlast
    • Iadlicae
    • Illyusea: This for Hymmnosens born linked to the Illyusea Sector. Illyusea is Langolu for "light".
    • Kiockse
    • Kiols
    • Mahae
    • Necla
    • Phinambrea
    • Pyraszyec
    • Shuxua
    • Sjiath
    • Tiamgh
    • Tiarrashe
    • Uzakamre
  • [R] (Society Role): The role the individual has and uses to serve society. Exclusive only to Nostel and Quon Desila HRCs. They are written with the first beginning letter in capital form and the rest lowercase.
    • Agricultura: Studies natural and/or organic material and possesses agricultural roles.
    • Alkimia
    • Anima
    • Arkana
    • Balastica: Militaristic figure
    • Lexa: Political figure
    • OPTICA
  • [O/G] (ORIGI/GENUS): The gender of the Hymmnosen; ORIGI is for female, while GENUS is male.

Hereditary Abilities and Skills

Absolute Pitch

Absolute Pitch is a sound-related ability which allows an individual to perfectly mimic and copy any sound they have heard in the past or now, so long as the sound can be formed by human vocals. However, Hymmnosens can easily mimic more than human vocal sounds, from trees being rustled and birds cawing to explosions and seas surging, able to mimic any and every sound without limit, so long as they have clearly heard it.


Dimensional Travel

Emotional Sensory

Emotional Sensory is a Hymmnian-hereditary ability that allows Hymmnosens to sense and feel emotions from around themselves from living beings. This ability can prove useful to Hymmnosens when sensing and searching for hidden lifeforms around them. However, this ability cannot sense the emotion of love, since love itself, despite being classified an emotion, exist on a high spectrum that can't be achieved.



Song Magic



Spell Songs


Synchronization is a Song Magic Ability which allows Hymmnosens to mentally "connect" their mind with an individual's. This can be used when to gain power from another's feelings, or to use songs that require more than one singer. Synchronization is similar to telepathy, but more powerful than that, because while Synchronized with an individual, a Hymmnosen can convey emotions through the link towards the individual, and the emotion will have a varying effect on the receiving end, depending on the emotion. For example, if a Hymmnosen conveys anger through the link towards the person on the receiving end of it, then that person will feel excruciating pain. It's similar to linked senses, but more mental. However, Hymmnosens cannot be affected negatively by emotions, since their Mind Guardians and Boundary Gates will instinctively shield the Hymmnosen's mind against the negative emotions which it senses as a threat.

Joy -> Causes the individual to become energetic and filled with energy.
Determination, bravery -> causes the person's ability, defences and strength to be enhanced and increases the individual's stamina and magical energy.
Hope -> Heals the individual of any mental damage, and heals physical damage to a small yet fair extent.
Anger, annoyance -> Causes pain to the person on the receiving end of the link. The level of pain depends on the amount of this emotion.
Hatred, malice, vengeance -> Causes extreme mental pain to the target, and may cause insanity.
Sadness, despair -> Causes the individual to become depressed and lose will and determination.
Love, care -> Causes the individual to be calmed down.


Wave Frequency Mode

As beings who were directly created by Xhalustenia herself, the Hymmnosens have inherited a strong yet lesser form of her ability to manipulate, create and destroy Energy Waves. This ability allows Hymmnosens to manipulate and alter Energy Waves that are part of the world and the different dimensional planes it exists in and with. This also can be used on living beings as well.


Using the ability to manipulate waves, Hymmnosens can change the frequency levels of their own H-Waves to match with another individuals H-Wave levels, and when combined with Synchronization, it creates what is similar to a telepathy link between the Hymmnosen and the individual, allowing mental communication from even far distances.

Wave Manipulation

Known Members

Name Status Gend. Gene HRC(s) MG/A Type
Adalio Solryugg Bartel Hymmnos Dragonia Alive Male Dragon
  • ADALIO_llluminage.α_Teiwaz_YULERIAN
  • ADALIO_Illumeris_Teiwaz::GENUS_Yulerian>>AR=TONELICO
Valfodr α
Adara Aria Salfin Hymmnos Alive Fem. Hedgehog ADARA_Xenchea_AR=TONELICO Lumina σ
Aerleumina Precielm Dead Fem. Hedgehog
  • ELUMINA_Anirisul::ORIGI=>Faarsaszyatt_SEIREI
Fractel α
Ajerra Plines Alive Fem. Fox AJERA_Fehu_AR=TONELICO Midir ζ
Aleisha Exeli Albertine Alive Fem. Cat
  • ALEISHA_::Phylagi//ROOTRON
Kanoyeel γ
Alerius Plines Alive Male Fox
  • ALERIUS_Ornest::GENUS=>Phinambrea_SEIREI
Loki η
Allexius Trekt Hymmnos Dead Male Armadillo ALEXIUS_Anirisul_AR=TONELICO
Altheumelia Xhileryna Precielm Hymmnos Aethalaya Alive Fem. Hedgehog
  • AFUMELIA_Celonul::ORIGI_Reyvateil>>Xhalustenia_ETHESECTA
  • AFUMELIA_Lexa::Anirisul>>_QUON=DESILA (formerly)
Harvestasha α
Aurica Jiverni Zoyasdam Hymmnos Laflensia Alive Fem. Fox ORICA_Tolsphera.Beta_Arslune_YULERIAN Sarasvati β
Cocona Kakulu Precielm Hymmnos Aethalaya Alive Fem. Hedgehog
  • COCONA_Trivelia_Felir::ORIGI_Rootron>>AR=TONELICO
Isis β
Craynel Allax Hymmnos Dead Male Dragon-Wolf CREINEL_Anirisul_AR=TONELICO Sorelus α
Croix Astengarde Hymmnos Male Dragon
Eolia Misellec Hymmnos Dead Fem. Cat
Erien Solveiln Hymmnos Dead Male Dragon ERIEN_Anirisul_AR=TONELICO
Evalia Quiluxine Hymmnos Fem. Hedgehog
Fidelia Ansul Hymmnos Aethalaya Alive Fem. Echidna FIDELIA_Dialihora_ORIGI=Anirisul.enter_PANTHA=RHEI
Frelia Ansul Hymmnos Dead Fem. Echidna FRELIA_Dialihora_Fehu_SOL=MARTA β
Infel Ilya Leythral Hymmnos Goltar Alive Fem. Fox
  • INFEL_Olagniyum_Enja::ORIGI_Technoliarsha>>AR=TONELICO
Ariel π
Ionasal Horifalss Hymmnos Alive Fem. Wolf Sophoric>>Horifalss::IONASAL_SOREIL Ixit δ
Jiyolia Misellec Hymmnos Aethalaya Alive Fem. Cat
  • JIOLIA_Vyrastelia_Anirisul_SOL=MARTA
Solaris α
Lejilius Nemeliz Eligende Hymmnos Neolica Alive Male Hawk
  • LEJILIUS_NOBILIS=Anirisul::Lexa=Balastica_COMMUNI::SAT
  • LEJILIUS_Samalik_Anirisul::GENUS_Communi::Sat>>AR=TONELICO
Shiva α
Lh'Xharyna Rhaplanca Quiluxine Hymmnos Fushina Alive Fem. Hedgehog
  • L:SHARINA_Velixum::ORIGI=>Illyusea_SEIREI
  • L:SHARINA_Lyucelina_Velixum::ORIGI_Seirei>>AR=TONELICO
Sylestia β
Lyner Alansis Barsett Hymmnos Infellia Alive Male Dragon
  • COLONIS_Barsett::LYNER_Arslune >> Balastica_NOSTEL
  • LYNER_Xilkorik_Arslune::GENUS_Nostel>>AR=TONELICO
Raphael β
Lyvios Frejuncton Hymmnos Alive Male Wolf
  • LIVIOS_Samalik_Sophoric::GENUS_Infel=Phira>>AR=TONELICO
Asmodeus δ
Lyziol Frejuncton Hymmnos Alive Male Wolf
  • LIZIOL_Morthetl_Sen::GENUS_Rhaska>>AR=TONELICO
Azrael δ
Shurelia Precielm Hymmnos Dead Fem. Hedgehog
Azlareiya α
Tyria Ansul Hymmnos Dead Fem. Echidna TYRIA_Anirisul_AR=TONELICO


  • The name Hymmnos is obviously derived from the word "hymn", which is a type of religious song that is mainly used in churches.
  • The term Reyvateil is used as a scientific classification name.
  • The name Animasphere is partly derived from the Latin word anima which means "soul, spirit, mind".
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