Hydro the Sharkbot

Biographical Information
Relatives N/A
Romantic Interests Rayne the Hedgebot
Physical Description
Species Robian/Shark
Gender Male
Attire N/A
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Feeding Frenzy (formerly)
  • Energy blades
  • Lasers in eyes and chest
  • High-pressure water blasters
  • Tail
  • Camoflauge technology
Super Forms N/A
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu

Hydro the Sharkbot is an anthropomorphic robot shark. It is unknown if Hydro is a Robian or a normal Robot; it is his main goal to find out, and if he is Robian, find a way to return to Mobian form.



Hydro is a calm, collected, straight-to-the-point type of guy. He prefers to get things done fast and right, no matter what it might cost him. Like a typical anti-hero, he sides with anyone who can give him the most answers, but will betray them the moment he gets what he wants or meets someone wih a better offer. He does have some sense of honor however, and doesn't feel comfortable attacking children and young women. However, he does have a lecherous side, due to the fact that in his free time, he can sometimes be found near beaches, prowling the shallow waters to see girls in bikinis. Of course, his perversion ends there, as he states he can't stand when perverts go after or watch girls in private (he justifies his perversion as only "observing vibrant young females wearing swimwear in a public location"). Despite his perversion, he finds himself extremely flustered when in a potentially amourous situation, even if it's limited to simple flirting. However, he is not as superficial as one might think, believing that girls are like presents: "the outside may be what catches a person's attention, but it's what's on the inside that keeps 'em comin back". He has a tendency to be rather cocky or arrogant in a fight, but can be seen doubting himself when in a tight situation. He puts his goals above almost all else, but prefers to keep innocent lives out of harm's way, and uses non-lethal force when it can't be avoided.


Hydro has a wide array of abilities and weaponry, and was made to excel in both ground and underwater combat. As a robian/robot, he possesses incredible strength and endurance, as well as an inability to feel pain. The fins on his lower arms are capable of releasing extendable laser blades with great cutting power. His tail can be used as a blunt instrument, and the tips can be dangerous slicing tools. His hands can interchange to high-pressure water cannons, and his fingers each have a smaller one installed for more focused (and arguably more lethal) shots. When underwater, his feet are able to change to water jets for high-speed propulsion, and his eyes are capable of spotting targets regardless of the depth. He is also equipped with lasers in his eyes and chest, and is able to extend his arms a limited length. He also has camoflauge technology, though he is only capable of using it in water.


Hydro is designed to make great use of water (due to the fact that underwater combat is his specialty), and as such is actually dependent on it. The amount of water in his water cannons is limited, and must be refilled regularly. His motor is also designed as a unique hydro-electric engine, in order to give him "unlimited engine". While he is able to make use of the H20 in the air on most occasions, he requires large quantities of water in order to reach his full potential.


  • Hydro's appearance has a striking similarity to Emerl's.
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