Hyde the Hedgehog

Age 24
Height 4' 8"
Weight 96 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Moebian/Rare Malay Hedgehog
  • Fur: Yellow Orange
  • Hair: Copper
  • Eyes: Red Orange
Attire Various types of clothing attire
Romantic Interests None
Birthdate September 28, 1986
Weaponry Wooden stick

H 'Hyde' the Hedgehog is a Moebian counterpart of N the Hedgehog. Unusually, he is 4 years older than his Mobius Prime counterpart, even though N was only 20 (physically; 17, chronologically) and that he looks almost identical to him (although barely).


Like Kei, Hyde was an aggressive aircraft pilot and was immidiately thrown out of his career for his first time. Despite this, he would also get behind the cockpit and cause destruction to buildings, like firing rocket missiles and countermeasures for selfish purposes. He also failed numerous times to overthrow his Mobius Prime counterpart N when they meet each other for the first time, engaging in a dangerous dogfight. Even so, he can still try and do whatever it means necessary to stop him.

He has an older brother known as K (or Kei, his real name) and unlike J and N, he never got along with his older brother and ends up fighting against him every time he sees him. He frequently loses his fights against his older brother, but that never stopped him from trying again and defeat him, no matter the cost.

Physical Description

Hyde is somewhat shorter than Kei, and wears a pilot outfit, dissimilar to N's outfit. He also has white/black fingerless gloves on each hand and has brown leather shoes (also containing hidden knives that was concealed underneath the shoe soles). He also has "battle scars" 50% around his body (but it is hidden when he wears his attire), back when he was fighting a war.


Like Kei, who is an aggressive racer, Hyde is an aggressive aircraft pilot, engaging in dangerous dogfights and destroying any airplanes on sight. He is also devious and short-tempered, as well as hostile torwards his older brother. Unlike J who consumes chili dogs, Hyde eats raw foods and not cooked ones. He is also sadistic on attacking those who dare challenge him (but he loses against his own brother). Unlike Kei, Hyde befriends other Moebians.

Unlike N, he is extremely cocky, almost ending up killing himself, seeing as how he is an extreme adrenaline junkie and that he's known to fly aircrafts on the dangerously low altitudes.


Like his older brother, Hyde is a veteran combatant and also has a shoe knife as a hidden surprise attack when pressing it onto the ground hard enough for the knife to reveal from his shoe soles. Unlike Kei, his only combat type attacks are Deception (a technique used on the 1999 fighting game Bloody Roar II) as he wasn't able to adapt most of his other fighting-type techniques, yet his attack strength is a little stronger than Kei's.


Despite his hidden attack, he seems to be somewhat weaker than the other Moebians and that his brother, as well as the others, would end up ditching him when he falls asleep, which would get him aggravated. Unlike his Mobius Prime counterpart, he is unskilled at commandeering helicopters, making him a novice pilot, despit his aggression.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Destroying/Hijacking aircrafts
  • Fighting
  • Being alone
  • Dangerous challenges
  • Doing ridiculous aerial stunts


  • His brother
  • Getting kicked out of his piloting career
  • Losing his fight against Kei
  • Doing exercise (since he has no problems in fighting)


Unlike Kei, Hyde IS, in fact, friends with Moebians. Add your Moebian counterparts here if you think they can trust him.


Unlike Kei, Hyde considers everyone as his enemies

  • Kei the Hedgehog - To an extent, most likely because Kei was responsible for his "sibling rivalry" and wishes to gain redemption.

Relations to Other Characters


Coming soon!


  • Unlike his counterpart and Kei's, Hyde is the only character who is not fluent in Malay language.
  • The reason behind Hyde's bitter hatred torwards his brother Hyde is likely because of a "sibling rivalry" (although they are more antagonistic towards each other).
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