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A visual description of Hyberson.


Hyberson is a Moebian rat of average male Moebian height, he has orange eyes and grey fur with pink ears and tail. He is usually seen in military gear,(mostly based of British soldier uniforms and gear in WW2.)


Hyberson is an elegant and refined fellow. He is known to be a gentleman, even to his opponents at certain times. To Hyberson the thrill of adventure and the sense of justice drives him to press onward in conflict after conflict.Hyberson can be a tad cynical at times, but this is usually through light hearted humor and seen with a pleasant smile. On the battlefield however, Hyberson has proven time after time to be a fierce and courageous soldier. Often he shows valor and bravery in circumstances where many other soldiers would show fear.


Hyberson grew up in the lower part of the Moebian city of Evestald. As the son of a police officer he learned to aim a gun and the value of bravery, even in dark times. Also his father gave him a strong sense of justice, in his mind. His mother was a baker and she taught him proper social skills and etiquette. Hyberson joined the AMA to help defend his home country from the Egg invasion. Hyberson's first shining moment was during the fierce battles of the Moebian Great Dessert campaign. After the AMA's forced retreat Hyberson saw action in Mercia battling a less then formidable Egg army then the one he fought before, this time Hyberson was lead to victory under the command of the AMA leader Deraj Ivan Brandanska.  Hyberson was given a promotion and eventually he himself became an AMA general, this would serve Moebius well in the future as he became a vital leader to the AMK against the New Order, before finally retiring.


Hyberson is a skilled marksman and a very agile soldier,(as most AMA soldiers tend to be due to rigorous training.) While not the strongest Moebian, Hyberson is adept to melee combat. Hyberson knows how to use what he has and to scavenge for supplies, (such as those from enemy camps, dead or captured soldiers.)


Hyberson is known to be a tad stubborn at times, often questioning orders (mostly only in his head though.) Also Hyberson seems to possess a slight disdain towards Siagian's, such as Sgt.Marcus. Hyberson believes in doing things by the book, therefore when other AMA soldiers seem to try unorthodox tactics, he is usually known to object to this sort of thinking.


  • Hyberson's name comes from the character Iverson on Medal of Honor: Frontline.
  • Like many Moebians, Hyberson is known to be left handed, as opposed to primal Mobians.
  • Hyberson's species is a reference to the British 7th Armored Divison, the "Dessert Rats"
  • Hyberson's Uniform, gear, and weaponry is an obvious reference to British soldiers during WW2.
  • Despite the picture above, Hyberson's usual armament is a sort of futuristic version of the Sten gun. It fires plasma rounds and is a made by the Moebian arms manufacture, Reaper.
  • This is Hyberson's theme song:
Medal Of Honor European Assault - Operation Chariot - SOUNDTRACK

Medal Of Honor European Assault - Operation Chariot - SOUNDTRACK

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