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This is an article about Huntstonia, a location created by Blaze Sol.
Huntstonia is an island country separate from the other continents of planet Earth and the birthplace of Glacier Von Fang, Aqua Von Fang, Windy Von Fang and Voltage Bouncealot. It is also the home of the country's primary military forces, the Hunter Corps, and the Temple of the Hunt, where the mystical Huntstones, elemental gems of great magical power, reside. Each region of the island represents one of these Huntstones and contributes a supply of goods to the whole country.

Ecology and Climate

The amount of flora found in the country varies from region to region. For example, Vertwood predictably has the highest abundance of plants, such as trees, flowers, fruits, etc., whereas regions such as the Avalanche Mountains and Lavaridge have little to no plant life due to their harsher climate. In the case of the former, however, a rare breed of snow flower of sorts is said to be found around the mountains.

Both Mobians and humans make up the majority of the island's population while a fair number of Mobini and other fauna can be found in regions such as Vertwood and Royalcoast Horizon, as well the country's surrounding oceans.

The climate of most regions of the island is rather normal, in that it's normally either sunny or slightly cloudy with the occasional rain. However, some regions, such as Sparkade or the Avalanche Mountains, are often plagued with thunderstorms and blizzards, respectively.

Lavaridge is easily the hottest region on the island, what with the intense heat emanating from the Hell's Furnace, and the heat somewhat extends to Blackhollow. Meanwhile, Breezore, while having relatively normal climate majority of the time, is the region often hit by the strongest winds.


Generally speaking, the economy of Huntstonia is mostly sustainable from within the nation itself, given that almost everyone working in each of the seven regions of the island provide something of use to keep civilization in the island stable and running. As a result, majority of Huntstonia's trade is done from one region to another. That said, Huntstonia does participate in a good amount of international trade with some neighboring island countries, particularly in times of dire need, in the form of several imported goods.

While the inhabitants used actual coin and even certain minerals as their main source of income from trade and other businesses several millennia ago, technology in Huntstonia has greatly developed to such a length that they can now deal with various businesses by simply trading electronic credits for their goods of choice with a certain device.


The most prominent religion in Huntstonia is the people's belief and faith in the Reinhardt royal bloodline and the seven guardians who helped Lord Reinhardt save their home from certain destruction from Damien's dark magic and sacrificed their very spirits in order to form the Huntstones that have kept the island intact for several millennia. As such, they pray to them for guidance and protection in their times of need.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors of the existence of a cult that reveres the dark sorcerer as "Huntstonia's true savior" and, as such, wish to see his desire to conquer all of Huntstonia under the banner of darkness come to fruition. However, the members of this supposed cult prove to be incredibly elusive and do a good job of leaving no trace behind. Consequently, these rumors have long remained unconfirmed and may never will for a long time.

History and Appearances


Thousands of years ago, the land that would become Huntstonia was a quiet but savage land, where the seven elements of the universe reigned all within their collective reach. Eventually, a group of mortals eventually found themselves in the outskirts of this land and, seeing the potential of the energy radiating from the land, proceeded to bring civilization to the untamed land.

For a while, the people who would call this land their home have lived a harmonious and peaceful existence. However, a powerful sorcerer by the name of Damien wished to rule over everything in the land for himself and, in an attempt to do so, tapped into the dark and destructive nature of all seven elements and eventually brought death and destruction to all of the land.

Just as the situation began to look hopeless, a group of seven sorcerers led by an eighth, known only as Lord Reinhardt, united as one and fought against the dark sorcerer in a battle that lasted for several days. In the end, however, the eight heroic sorcerers triumphed over Damien but the battle has left the land ravaged and on the verge of collapse.

In order to keep everything intact, the seven sorcerers turned their very spirits into what the people now call the Huntstones and, apart from shielding the land from all outside dangers with their collective magic from then on, would grant those they deem worthy a part of their individual spirits and a strong affinity with magic of their respective element. Meanwhile, Lord Reinhardt elected to carry the burden of guiding his people through these dark times and would soon pass that responsibility to his eldest son, who would then do the same, and so on and so forth.

Little is known of what became of Damien, however, but Huntstonia would continue to prosper for millennia...

Shadows Unleashed




Significant Population

House Reindhardt

  • King Victor Reinhardt - a descendant of Lord Reinhardt and the highest authority of Huntstonia in present day, he possesses a great deal of wisdom and is highly-respected and loved by many others. In return, he shows an equal amount of respect to his people as much as possible and is very dedicated to their well-being.
  • Princess Annika Reinhardt - the daughter of King Victor and current heir to the throne, Annette is just as caring to her people as her father. Despite her best attempts to appear regal and proper, however, she is actually quite clumsy sometimes, much to the chagrin of... pretty much everyone.


  • Glacier Von Fang - a female gray wolf with the rank of Elite Hunter and an affinity for the Ice element and the main protagonist of The Huntstonian Chronicles. She decides to get to the bottom of the cause of her parents' death. Little did she and her friends know that they would soon run into a much bigger problem to deal with... 
  • Aqua Von Fang - an Elite Hunter granted an affinity for Water and Glacier's younger sister, Aqua is probably the most skilled fighter of the three sisters, having spent a lot of her time training in martial arts and working her ability with Huntstonian Magic into her physical skillset. 
  • Windy Von Fang - Glacier's youngest sister, this young she-wolf had just graduated in the Hunter Academy and obtained the rank of Junior Hunter recently as of the story's beginning. Out of the three, she does the least amount of melee fighting due to her poor physical condition, but she greatly makes up for it by being the team's best overall caster and having a strong affinity for the element of Air.
  • Voltage Bouncealot - a female kangaroo and an Elite Hunter with a strong affinity for the element of Thunder as well as Glacier's best friend. Born to parents of Australian descent, Voltage inherits their characteristics and mixes it with a normally ill-tempered attitude, which is is perfectly reflected in her battle strategy of "attack everything that tries to kill you". Thanks to her strong legs, however, Voltage can do just that with little trouble by being the fastest and most nimble member of the party.
  • Aloe Vera Mackintosh - this female panther with the classification of Specialist Hunter and an affinity for the Forest element has been called many things; "haughty" and "arrogant" are among the most common descriptions used. Of course, she is able to back her frequent boasts up by being one of the country's leading experts in marksmanship with that killer aim of hers.
  • Rocky Mackintosh  - straightforward and blunt to a fault, this muscle-bound panther is a powerful fighter and Aloe's twin brother. Unlike his sister, Rocky's tongue isn't as sharp and is in relatively friendlier terms with the Von Fang sisters and Voltage despite being a lot more blunt with his words, not to mention he sports the rank of Master Hunter. In battle, Rocky greatly excels at bringing in the hurt and taking around just as much with his incredible bulk and affinity for the Earth element.
  • Ricky Carraway  - another close friend of the Von Fang sisters, Ricky is an Elite Hunter specializing in the element of Fire. Not unlike Aloe, Ricky is also a remarkable marksman in his own right, having impressive accuracy with his twin handguns, but can also hold his own in melee combat. He seems to have some issues of his own, however...


  • Philippe Gardévoir -
  • Jacques Gardévoir -

Notable Areas

The island is mainly composed of the following regions, each of which sport a town in which its inhabitants reside, along with the country's town centre, where the Temple of the Hunt and Castle Reinhardt, among other places, is located.

  • Royalcoast Horizon - representing the Huntstone of Water, this region is found at the southernmost area of the island. It is the country's supplier of seafood and drinkable water, due to there being a seawater filtration plant outside of town. It just so happens that, because of it's beautiful beaches, among other tourist spots, the region is also the nation's leading tourist destination.
    • Pearl Lake Town - located near one of the region's most noteworthy beaches, this town is the birthplace of the Von Fang sisters, Voltage, Ricky, and the Mackintosh twins. Its townspeople are led by the Sage of Water.
  • Vertwood - representing the Huntstone of Forest, this region can be found on the south-eastern side of Huntstonia directly above Royalcoast Horizon, and supplies most of the countries agricultural staples, such as fruit, vegetables and flowers.
    • Emerald Leaf Town - built around the regions lush trees, most of the town's structures were made using organic and natural materials, so as not to interfere with the region's ecology. The citizens of this town are led by the Sage of Forest.
  • Lavaridge - representing the Huntstone of Fire, this region is located at the island's western area and provides the island's thermal energy and the people of this region work very tightly with those of Blackhollow, due to their ability to melt the minerals mined from the latter region. The region also happens to be next to the Hell's Furnace, an active volcano.
    • Ruby Ash Town - constructed a safe distance away from the Hell's Furnace, its workers spend almost everyday either monitoring its volcanic activity or working on the minerals excavated by the residents from Blackhollow. The leader of this town is the Sage of Fire.
  • Blackhollow - representing the Huntstone of Earth, it is a very dark and cavernous region found on the north-western area of Huntstonia. It supplies most of the countries minerals, including that of copper and gold. Its mining industry works very closely with Lavaridge.
    • Onyx Cavern Town - built within the region's largest cave, the town's residents have adjusted to the natural darkness of the region. Though they still do make use of devices such as flashlights or torches for the sake of safety, especially during their mining operations. Its people are led by the Sage of Earth.
  • Avalanche Towers - representing the Huntstone of Ice, this snowy and mountainous region found at the very north of the island supplies all of the country's ice. Whenever it does rain, the cold temperatures of the mountains quickly turn those raindrops into tiny lumps of ice, effectively creating a hailstorm.
    • Diamond Dust Town -  this town was built at the very base of this region and is likely to be the first place most outsiders will visit first, which speaks volumes of just how dangerous the mountains of this region are. The townspeople are led by the Sage of Ice.
  • Breezore - representing the Huntstone of Air, this mountainous region is found on the north-eastern side of Huntstonia and is the region often hit by the strongest winds. It supplies a fair portion of the country's power due to the use of wind energy, which is collected by the several windmills placed around the country.
    • Sapphire Cliff Town - the people of this town spend almost everyday monitoring and maintaining the windmills constructed and make sure their operations roll smoothly. They are led by the Sage of Air.
  • Sparkade - representing the Huntstone of Thunder, this region is also found at the north-eastern area of Huntstonia directly below Breezore and supplies most of the country's electricity. In the centre of the region is a large power station, which is basically a gigantic lightning rod that attracts the electricity of the reccurent storms that occur there, making it arguably the most dangerous region on the island.
    • Topaz Spire Town - a town that some may say resembles more of a factory than an actual township, this town's most vital structures were designed to maintain operations done by the region's power station. Its people are led by the Sage of Thunder.


  • Castle Reinhardt - the residence of the members of House Reinhardt, the Autfrag des Königs Stolz, and the rest of the castle's servants. Hunters are expected to report to the castle when being summoned for an assignment, regardless of what they are doing at that moment. For the common-folk, simply stepping foot inside the castle's courtyard, let alone the castle itself, is considered a great privilege.
  • The Temple of the Hunt - the temple where the Huntstones are kept as well as the very center of the country. Inside, the stones are kept on a high platform, which can be accessed by climbing up a short flight of stairs. They are kept at the edge of the platfrom, forming a circle, where the person can stand.
  • The Hunter Express - a train that runs throughout the whole country and the most popular way of getting around the country. There was once a plan to replace the old train and tracks with a new high-tech bullet train, which was quickly shut down due to heavy disapproval.
  • Hell's Furnace - an active volcano located within the region of Lavaridge, it is said in legend to be the most unstable and volatile volcano in the entire world. Because of this, several Hunters have been assigned to monitor any and all activity that occurs within the general area of the volcano and relay information back to the authorities.


  • The island having several regions representing each one of the elements can be compared to the several settings of the Bionicle universe.
    • The most notable examples are Mata Nui, where the original story took place for the original series' first three years, and Okoto from the now-cancelled reboot series, as both locations are islands.
  • Some of the regions of the island went through some changes in their names. To be specific:
    • "Vertwood" was formerly known as "Grenwood",
    • "Avalanche Towers" was formerly called "The Avalanche Mountains",
    • "Blackhollow" was once called as "Stonehend",
    • and "Royalcoast Horizon" was previously known as "Oceania".
  • The current name for the region representing Water, "Royalcoast Horizon", was partially named after the movie, Deepwater Horizon.
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