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Hunter is a griffon with no special powers. He is trained in the arts of archery and monster hunting.

Physical Appearance

Hunter is a tall griffon, compared to most other people. He stands roughly five feet tall and has tan-brown fur with feathers nestled into the fur sparingly. His head is covered in tan-brown fur and has two pointed ears with two white feathers on each of their tips. His eyes are a cold, golden color of a lion. His beak is goldenrod, curved and sharp, having a little hook at the end of it. He has a large patch of white fur evenly matches with downy white feathers that covers his chest and belly. He has a large pair of white feathered wings that curve up to a point, then curve down. He has taloned feet that are covered in fur and feathers for the most part except for the tips and large black talons. His tail is a long, lean lion's tail with a tuft of ruddy fur at the end. Inside each of his strong hands, he has black claws in each of his strong hands.

Hunter commonly wears a chainmail shirt and leggings. He wears a suit of blackened leather armor over that that covers his torso and upper arms, while the leather trousers go down to a few inches above his heels. He has a pair of cross-strapped belts across his chest in an "x" pattern that curve down in the back to avoid interfering with his wings. He has another belt that wraps around his waist and is used both to hold his armor together, and to hold a host of weapons and tools. He has a sheath on that vest that holds his gladius, and several quivers for different types of arrows, and on the opposite side of the gladius is a larger quiver to hold many normal arrows. He also has a wide host of vials, containers and small quivers attached to two small bands that are wrapped around each of his thighs. He also has many vials, containers and quivers along his waist belt and attached to the bottoms of the chest belts to hold an even wider array of arrow combinations. He also has another band on his upper left arm with several semi-unique and deadly arrows. On his left forearm, he has a leather and steel bracer to avoid damage from the bow string.


Hunter is a very clever and cunning individual. He is normally kind and caring, albeit passive. He is shown to be helpful to people he runs across and modest. He is, however, very head-strong and once his mind is made up, it will take a lot to change it. He is one that enjoys longer chats instead of small chit-chat which he finds annoying and worthless.

He is a very courageous and confident individual. He will show this by taking on challenges and puzzles to prove himself, both to other people and to himself. He is usually on the lookout for other strong warriors for challenges and once he finds someone he will either win or lose, depending on the circumstances of the fight he will either congratulate the winner, help the loser or go off to train and later, rematch.

He also harbors a hatred towards monsters and most other mythical creatures. He feels it is his duty to eradicate them and does so in an effective manner. He is nearly unwilling to accept that "monsters" can be good, and that they naturally cause destruction. He won't hesitate to kill monsters of any form. He usually takes spoils from those he kills and sometimes even bones and other body parts.


Hunter was born over two hundred years ago to his griffon parents. He was raised to be a proud knight, who would have no doubt about his abilities, yet wouldn't underestimate his opponents. He was also raised to be kind and compassionate to the lesser individuals he ran across. This lead him to having a very rigid justice system and hatred for the monsters who preyed on those he was to protect. From a very early age he showed a natural fascination and skill with a bow. Seeing this, his father stopped his knightly training and sent him to become a ranger instead.

After he became a ranger and went actively on missions to hunt and destroy any monsters he came across, he began to train with other weapon styles and other tactics besides hitting from afar. He eventually left the ranger's guild he was into go and become an individual monster hunter. His new-found freedom did not change his justice system, but simply enables him to track down his prey.

After almost a hundred and fifty years he amassed various treasures, arrow types, allies and his two pet phoenixes. During that time he spent constant training in his various weapon types, his archery and also his academics. He continued to fight, both monsters and opponents until the present day.

Items Currently in Possession

  • Ragnarok - His bow. It is in between the size of a longbow and shortbow, making it a perfect size for multiple situations. The bow is made from the bones of his downed mythical targets, and as such is very strong and durable. The string is made from the fur of a Nemean Lion, and is nearly unbreakable.
  • Lancei - Hunter's spear. This weapon is in between a spear and a warlance with its size and weight. The shaft is solid and hardened with several processes. The head of the weapon is hardened Enthmetal, and is useful in that is can hit incorporeal, ghostly or spiritual foes. Strangely for being a spear, it his his main defensive weapon, used for blocking and parrying.
  • Gladius - A gladius. This is the weapon that was used by the first monster that defeated him. He came back later and killed the monster and took the weapon as a token. The gladius is a very light and sharp little sword and is also made of Enthmetal.
  • Arrows - His ammunition for his bow. Though not a weapon, it is notable, because of all the things he can do to them. To start, he carries an amount of elemental arrows that include every major element type and the more common, non-main ones. Added onto that are the vials and containers he carries, which have elemental properties. These can be combined in nearly any combination of elements which make them deadly. He has a great deal of them stored up, but can only carry a certain amount at a time, while still being effective in a fight.
  • "Grenades" - These are some concoctions he has. Though not real grenades, they are more of glass jars that shatter upon hitting the target. They have effects that are usually rarer or harder to put on the arrows, or just ones that deal good area damage and effects. The most commonly one used is a restricting adhesive that is useful for quick or armored opponents.
  • "Healing Brew" - A specially made and fermented beverage that is shown to quickly heal wounds and restore health. The brew is a family recipe that he was taught by his mother. He usually keeps around six or so bottles or containers of the useful drink. As a side-effect, it slows the consumer down as it heals them.
  • Talia - One of his two pets. Talia is a normal (non-anthro) phoenix who is usually seen on one of Hunter's shoulders. Talia has the ability to turn into a small flaming arrow, which can be fired from the bow. Used in a normal bow, however, and she would burn it. Once fired, she can control her direction and lights any objects within a three foot radius of herself on fire. This can be useful for drawing a line through a battle, or hitting someone from far off. She is very loyal to her master and is treated well.
  • Oscar - The second of the pets. Oscar is a male (non-anthro) ice phoenix. He has abilities that are nearly identical to Talia, except he creates an icy, spiked line wherever an object is in range. He is also very loyal to Hunter and is treated well.

Special Abilities

Hunter has notable strength and stamina, being able to fight after sustaining several injuries. Hunter also has a surprisingly keen mind, being able to devise strategy while still in battle, or beforehand. Hunter's feathers are able to cure several cases of blindness, and are also an ingredient of his healing brew. Hunter is also able to adapt to new weapons and situations with ease.


Hunter is quite skilled in the usage of a bow, being able to pick off far away and moving targets with relative ease. The spear is also used very defensively. He is also skilled in using his spear, utilizing a variety of chops, stabs, slices and strikes. Again, he is also effective with the gladius, using it for blindingly fast cuts and slices as well as stabs. He can also fight unarmed if need be, utilizing his claws, talons, wings and wrestling holds, but prefers to be behind the arc of his trusty bow. He is skilled in the making and collecting of the ingredients for his concoctions. This might qualify him as an alchemist.

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