Biographical Information
Romantic Interests None.
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian: Fox
  • Head-Fur (hair): Red
  • Fur:
    • Main:Orange
    • Chest, muzzle and tail tip:Cream/white
    • Fore and Footpaws: Black
  • Eyes: Emerald
  • Cloak(when traveling): Common Grey
  • Tunic: Color varies
  • Breaches: Color varies
  • Lunar Crystal Broach/Necklace
Political Alignment and Abilities

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Super Forms

Physical Description

Hunter, like most Mobian foxes, is covered with fur. In his case, most of this fur is orange, with the fur located on his chest, belly, tail tip and front of neck being white. Unlike most Mobian foxes, however, Hunter's fore and footpaws, along with his fore arms and lower legs, are black, like a wild fox's.

Also like most Mobians, the fur on Hunter's head grows much longer than the rest. Most refer to this longer fur as "hair" because it looks highly like the hair on humans, although Hunter prefers to call it his "head-fur". Regardless of what it is refereed to as, it is red, long, and a kind of stylized mess that somehow stays out of his emerald green eyes in its disorder.

However, unlike the majority of the males on Mobius, Hunter wears clothes. Also instead of the usual tee-shirt and jeans that most of the clothed Mobians wear, Hunter garbs himself with a tunic and breaches. Many of these clothes he has made himself, and as such they will only fit those who are close to his lean and energetic, abnormally 4'-1" tall frame. The color of the tunic varies to a great degree, while the breaches normally are a black or gray, though he has been seen with different colored ones.

Hunter forgoes the shoes and gloves that many Mobians wear, saying that he feels much more comfortable and "free" without them. Not wearing these items also allows him to use his abilities to greater effect as well, so the reasoning behind his decision is two-fold.


Because he's lived away from society for most of his life, Hunter is most definitely "socially awkward" and tends to say awkward things while in public. For example, if he were to ever talk to a particularly "well endowed" female, probably one the first comments he would make to her would be on the size of her chest. While this may make him seem incredibly shallow, he isn't, he just isn't aware of the non-spoken social rules of the world, and this reflects even in his tone. That comment about the girl's chest would be said causally, calmly, friendly and as if were just a fact, and the contrast of filthy words and innocent tone will most likely just confuse the girl... Especially when he cocks his head to the side at her expression and asks "What's wrong?"

If you can persevere beyond this initial awkwardness, you would find a fox with a relatively pure heart. Hunter is the kind of guy who will fight for what he believes in, and he fully believes in protecting those who he calls "friends". It is hard for him to turn a blind eye to crimes committed near him, especially those involving innocent victims, so as a result he has been regarded as a vigilante as far as The Law is concerned.

Hunter enjoys creating weapons, nick-knacks, cloth items, music and culinary art, as well as training himself to new limits. He has the best of times when he can do one of these things with or for his friends.


Hunter's trademark skill is the ability known as Lunarakinesis, the power to store, manipulate, and possibly even generate Lunar light. Hunter gained this abilty upon contact with a glowing blue crystal back when he was five, and in the time since then has become massively proficient in the art. This reflects in his fighting style, where nearly all of his strikes and attacks use the energy in some form.

Hunter is also Telekinetic, an ability he developed roughly ten years after first receiving his Lunarakinesis, and likewise has become heavily reliant on this skill while in combat. Telekinesis also comes in handy in his day to day life, making it so he can work on multiple things at once or hold more than he otherwise would be able to.

Hunter has the ability to tap into a subspace known as The Lunar Void, and has been known to store a wide variety of weapons and supplies in there. Hunter obviously knows how to use everything he stores in the void, as what use would it be otherwise?


The Celestial Weapon: Kyuubi the Shotgun

Hunter happened upon Kyuubi, or rather Kyuubi upon Hunter, while investigating a disturbance in the lush mountain valley they both called home. A platoon of Trolls was crashing through the forests, destroying things for fun while looking for a Chaos Emerald that had supposedly been detected somewhere in the valley, figuring the remote area to be uninhabited. The group soon learned that it was in fact inhabited the hard way when Hunter suddenly arrived at the scene began to beat the life out of them, knowing full and well that they would be reborn back on their moon-base.

Kyuubi ended up becoming involved more towards the struggle's end, which had progressed dangerously to the particularly old section of the forest that Hunter had never entered out of reverence and coincidentally was the place the Nature-Kitsune called home. Kyuubi, who had been keeping track of the fight up until this point, was about to step in and attack both parties to protect his home when one of the trolls loosed a desperately powerful Chaos Spear at Hunter. Unfortunately(as the troll first thought), his aim was off, and the attack looked as if it were going to sail past Hunter and crash into one of the ancient trees. However, Hunter, who regarded the trees as sacred, did the one thing nobody else present expected and threw himself into the attack just to protect the forest. This stunt left him in quite a bad spot as a result, though: Now he was rather badly injured, unable to defend himself well with his left arm disabled, and facing the last couple of trolls he hadn't dispatched yet.

Then Kyuubi intervened.

After picking the remains of the unfortunate few trolls that had threatened his home out of his fur, the Nature-Kitsune trotted over to inquire a quite stunned Hunter. After some questioning, the two left the scene upon friendly terms.

Some months after this incident, Kyuubi contacted Hunter. The old shape-shifting fox had been thinking over their last encounter and had determined Hunter to be worth enough in heart to become his wielder. All he needed now was have the younger fox prove his worth in strength to seal the deal. Knowing full and well that Hunter was at his strongest when the moon was full, he arranged a meeting for the lunar-fox's strongest night of the month on a local cliff, wanting to give him the best chances possible

Needless to say, Hunter proved his worth, as he now carries an over-under, double-barreled shotgun with him no matter where he goes.

When wielding Kyuubi,Hunter gains the ability to manipulate the plant life around him, as well as control over the elemental energy of Nature.


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  • Joshua "Wolfgang" Caesura - Wolfgang is Hunter's first real friend, and thus the only one who is realy used to Hunter's awkwardness.
  • Dalton the Cat - Hunter looks down on Dalton much like a little brother of sorts, although Dalton only sees Hunter as a good friend.



Romantic Interests

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  • This is the third rendition of Hunter, and most likely won't be the last.
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