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The comical warrior that is more into profit and survivng than protecting. While he cares for Chu-Nan as much as his allies sometimes he likes to let them handle things. Don't judge him by his size or else you'll regret it.

Huizhong the Grasshopper

Huizhong the Grasshopper
Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Skin:Green
  • Hair:Green
  • Eyes:Brown
  • Straw hat
  • Orange shirt
  • Beaded necklance
  • Blue pants
  • Brown shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • The Heng Warriors
  • Guns
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator



Not much is known about Huizhong's history. He is a drifter and gambler who tends to cheat at life, stealing life and cheating death. He was eventually thrown out of most clubs in Chu-Nan for his actions and ended up in Eternal Rivers Village. He didn't intend on staying there, but something caught his eye. Nearby people were training. It was members of The Heng Warriors. Huizhong thought "Imagine all the girls, money, and fame I'd get if I joined them! I'd be a hero and club owners would be begging for me to return to their business!". However after Huizhong joined he learned that being a warrior was harder than it looked. Huizhong had the fighting style of a street thug not a warrior. He needed much training. So train he did. With the help of other villagers Huizhong was trained in the art of stealth and martial arts. He combined this with his street style an perfected his own style of fighting.


Huizhong is the type of guy that goes from place to place. He is the guys standing against the wall smoking the cigarette looking like he had seen it all. Huizhong is a gambler, a drifter, and in his own mind a comedian. He will usually crack jokes on his team. Huizhong also seems to have the firmest grip on the seriousness of life. He is never the guy to act like a kid and hates when people act like kids including kids themselves. Huizhong gave up on the perfect ideal world along time ago. He is always the one to doubt what the team plans, and will complain and argue about it being the right thing to do. Huizhong also isn't the type that celebrates. He's all about the "poker face". Also Huizhong likes to keep a low profile even with his friends. It isn't there business, and all they need to know is his name.


  • Gambling
  • Clubs
  • Girls
  • Drinking
  • Fighting(Somewhat)
  • His Team(Somewhat)
  • Making fun of people
  • The Finer Things
  • Guns
  • Suits


  • Headaches
  • Girls who get attached
  • Kids
  • Being Annoyed
  • Feng(Sometimes)
  • His Team(Somewhat)
  • Anyone getting too attached
  • People who ask about his personal life

Biggest Fear

  • Opening Up
  • Falling In Love


Huizhong unlike the other members of the group has a knowledge in fire arms. He doesn't use them often however in fear of giving away positions. He is also a highly skilled fighter and despite his size packs a powerful punch. He is very stealthy due to his size and can sneak up on those who don't pay attention. He is also a taunter as he knows how to get into opponents heads. He can keep a poker face always cloaking his next move as well as what he is thinking.



Lei the Ferret
Feng the Yak
Ling the Mouse
Ting the Panda
Xia the Hedgehog
Chuanli the Tiger
Xifeng the Phoenix


Feng the Yak(To an Extent)


"You Serious?"

"The names Huizhong. That's all you need to know"


"Feng is now th ebest time?"

"Really don't feel like listening right now Feng"

"Can someone shut up this culturally confused Yak?"

"Jeez what a night!"

"Don't worry Feng once we reach the Emperor I'm sure there will be a big hunk of choclate waiting for ya!You motivated now?"

"Don't let me stop ya"

"That was my F*CKING EAR!"

"Ya mind not doing that?"

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