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"The world is a cruel and wretched place... but it has it's redeeming qualities that makes it worth living in.”


Hugh has black fur, and blue eyes. He often wears a white t-shirt a flannel button down, jeans, and a pair of sneakers, and a pair of glasses which are held together by some tape.


Hugh is not the most social person to say the least, to the point the little social interaction he had was the reason Kira left him. Hugh has been shown also to be very intelligent. Due to Hugh having Asperger syndrome Hugh has poor social skills. Hugh has also been shown to be bisexual meaning he is into both genders. Hugh has been shown also to be a cynic on multiple occasions.


Hugh Jericho was born on September 17th 1997. growing up he always had a interest in robotics. After working his way to a scholarship at a prestigious college, Hugh would make it his goal to advance technology further to carve a path to the future.


Hugh has the ability to climb on walls and other surfaces.




Has a high risk fighting style which can be considered a more painful version of Russian roulette.

Is an expert of mechanical engineering

Incredibly talented guitarist, and singer.


Hugh has created a Spider-Man like web shooter.


Hugh has been shown to often black out due to him pulling countless all nighters (wouldn’t be surprised if they were to meet deadlines). Hugh has also shown himself to be easily put under stress (Just make him play the final sequence of Super Metroid and you’ll see that in action.) Hugh also has little control over his powers at the moment. Heck there was even a time Hugh got stuck on his own ceiling when he was sleep walking and took an entire hour to just get off.


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