HtH Issue 3 is the third issue in the Hyper the Hedgehog Comic Series.


Story One: Mobian-Napped

Hyper decides to come back home with Honey and heads there immediately. After running a short errand, he is shocked to see the place entirely deserted. On the floor is a note written by Honey, explaining that she and the other inhabitants of the island have been kidnapped by Dr. Cyborgski, and that her own safe return is exchanged for the eight Chaos Emeralds on the island. There was no time to waste! Hyper immediately set out once again to thwart Cyborgski's mad plan and rescue his friends.

Story Two: Ten Years Earlier (Part 1)

A middle-aged hedgehog mother ran quickly towards the gate of Mobotropolis, a baby blue hedgehog in her arms. She knocked on the gate, but ran just before it opened, leaving her baby lying on the ground there. A female lynx opened the gate and was surprised at seeing the baby there, before picking him up and taking him in. Once he had awoken, he had started waving his arms around and giggling madly. Because of this, the baby hedgehog was named 'Hyper'.

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