HtH Issue Two is the second comic in the Hyper the Hedgehog Comic Series.


Story One: Paradise Stakeout

While cruising over the ocean in his antique biplane, the Typhoon,  Hyper notices a small island particularly lush with greenery. He flies down for a bit of vacation time, closely followed by an unseen figure that lands on the opposite end of the island... The tiny resort turns out to be Westside Island, which, as the folklore goes, was once the home of a flourishing civilization. The people of the island utilized the power of seven mysterious stones for the advancement of their society. However, their prosperity lead to avarice, which did not sit well with the gods. The displeased deities reclaimed the stones and sealed them away. After a few days on the island, it occurs to Hyper that he's being followed. His pursuer is a young cat with wings who, upon being discovered, dashes into the shade of a nearby tree. Hyper ignores her and zooms off, but the cat flitters her wings and follows the sky blue stranger at full speed. Hyper is impressed both with the cat's tenacity and her ability to keep up, so he decides to let her tag along. He learns that his new companion is named Honey the Cat. Early one afternoon, Honey discovers the Typhoon sitting on a beach. Being fascinated by all things mechanical, the young cat eagerly runs up to the machine for a thorough investigation, but shyly pulls back when she spots Hyper snoozing in the shade of a wing. Her awkward moment is interrupted by a huge explosion from the island's interior. Hyper snaps up to see the forest ablaze and cyborgs scouring the area. It doesn't take the sky blue hero three guesses to figure out who's behind the disruption: Dr. Cyborgski, who had discreetly followed Hyper onto Westside Island, is now tearing the place apart in search of the seven Chaos Emeralds. He needs fuel for his Cyber Comet, a planet-sized space station with unthinkable power. Hyper and Honey take off to locate the Emeralds before Cyborgski and squash his evil ambition once more.

Story Two: Lacey May

Far across the sea, in the Kingdom of Mercia, there lives a nine year old hedgehog girl called Lacey May. She is a rich and noble girl and is first seen 'shopping' in the city, while in reality she was buying anything and everything. But while walking home, Lacey saw a small rabbit girl searching through bins for food. She ignored the bunny, even though she had been staring at her hopefully, and continued her way home. When she arrived at her mansion, she saw her parents taking over peoples minds and forcing them to pay them huge amounts of money. Lacey, shocked, interrupted them and begged her parents to stop putting people out on the streets. Instead, her dad knocked her to the floor and stole everything from her purse, before her mum threw her out of the house. Distraught, Lacey wandered the city, starving and begging others to give her food and a little money. But everyone ignored her, just as she had to the bunny she had seen earlier. Eventually, Lacey snuck back home to visit her parents when she saw them communicate to Dr. Cyborgski via their computer, but the doctor was actually controlling them with a romote. Realising what had happened, Lacey jumped in and shattered the cybernetic enhancements they had on their spikes, returning their free will. The next day, she returned to the city, befriended the bunny girl and gave her food, clothes and a place to stay.

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