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Josh and Mint, The two fan characters of BlazeTheCat 9, Are, As you may know, A couple. But, Have you ever wondered how they met?

Included Characters



Eggman's robot



Mayor of the villiage


Metal sonic


Part one - Meeting each other

Mint: *Looking at the sky from the ground*

Josh: *In the same villiage, Just not the same neighbourhood. Also looking at the sky.*

-At eggman's base-

Eggman: Hmm... I'm not sure this missile will work to blow up all of green hill zone...

Eggman's assistant robot (Imma just call him rob actually): Sir, If we can't blow up green hill zone, We can just blow up that villiage over there near it. *Points to a villiage (The one mint and josh are in)*

Eggman: You're right, Rob! That villiage would be easy to blow up! *Aims the missile at the villiage, Then launches it*

Mint: *Sees the missile* WTF

Josh: Is that a bird? *Sees the missile as it comes closer* D: IT'S A MISSILE

Mayor of the villiage: Run everyone! There's a huge missile coming towards us!

Villiagers: *Runs out of the villiage*

Mint and josh: *While running out they accidentily bump into each other*

Josh: Um sorry

Mint: It's okay NOW WE GOTTA RUN D: *Keeps running*

Josh: *Keeps running*

  • The missile reaches the villiage and blows it up*

Mint: *Crying inside*

Josh: Well at least everyone is safe... I hope so anyway

Mayor of the villiage: *Checks* Yes everyone is safe.

Villiager: Is anyone hurt?

  • Everyone shakes their head.* No.

Mint: Where'd that missile come from anyway?

Josh: Eggman maybe...?

Villiager: ...Now where should we live...

Mayor: We could repair it? *Feels like i'm about to be shot.*

Villiager: That's an okayish idea...

  • A few days later*

Mint: Okay well it's repaired finally :D

  • In the actual green hill zone thing*

Sonic: *Sleeping beside a tree*

Josh: *Tries to wake up sonic* Ummm sonic?

Sonic: *Wakes up and opens one eye* Yeah?

Josh: Ummmm welllll ummmmmmmmmmm i have a crush on this girl ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Sonic: *Opens both eyes* You mean you're trying to ask me what you should do?

Josh: Um well yeah

Sonic: *Gets up* Well i don't really know, But i think i heard from a movie or somethin' That it's best to just get her to know you, Then when you know each other almost like siblings, Take her on a nice date, Then at the end of the date kiss her. :)

Josh: Well what if she doesn't like me back?

Sonic: If you're attracted to her that much, She probably does.

Josh: Well thanks sonic. *Runs off to the villiage*

Sonic: You're welcome *Goes back to sleep*

Josh: *Goes to mint* Hey umm sorry i bumped into you that day

Mint: It's alright

Josh: So ummmmmmmmmm what's your name?...

Mint: My name's mint

Josh: Ummmmmm mine is josh

Mint: That's a lovely name ^^

Josh: Thanks, Yours too

Mint: Thanks :3

Josh: So umm how are you?

Mint: I'm alright thanks, You?

Josh: Ummmmmmmmmmm well i'm pretty good.

Sonic: *Woke up a few minutes ago, And is watching mint and josh from a cliff* Beginners...

Part two - Metal sonic

-A few days later-

Mint: *Playing SSBB With josh* I like this game, Josh. :3 What's it called again?

Josh: Super smash bros. brawl.

Mint: This is my new favorite game. *Beats josh* ...And i thought i was a noob o_o

Josh: Apparently you're not :3

-At eggman's base-

Eggman: Well we didn't kill anyone the other day... This time we'll use the BIG Missile to blow up ALL Of green hill zone.

Rob: Yes sir, That would work.

Eggman: *Launches a huuuuge missile at green hill zone*

Sonic: *Sees the missile coming* ...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- *Runs away from the missile*

Mint: Do you hear something?

Josh: Sonic almost swearing?

Mint: No, I mean a missile or something

Josh: ...FU- *Runs out of the villiage with mint*

Sonic: *Somehow wasn't fast enough and got hurt by the explosion of the missile, Then is launched into the sky* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Josh: SONIC! *Catches sonic*

Sonic: *Cough cough.*

Josh: You okay sonic?

Sonic: Uh yeah well uh... Decently alright

Mint: Who's your friend?

Josh: Oh yeah *Puts sonic down (And btw he's standing up lol)* Sonic meet mint, Mint meet sonic

Sonic: Hi mint

Mint: Ohey

Sonic: *Whispers to josh* Is this the girl you had a crush on

Josh: *Whispers veeeeeerry softly to sonic* Yesh

Mint: What're you two whispering about? 

Josh: Umm nothing

Eggman: *Looks at everyone from his base and sees that no one is hurt* ...WHY CAN'T I KILL ANYONE?! NOT EVEN SONIC!

Rob: Sir, We could try sending metal sonic after everyone

Eggman: We could try... *Goes to metal sonic* Metal sonic, I would like you to destroy at LEAST Sonic

Metal sonic: *Makes robotic sound to say "Yes".* *Flies out of the base and starts to look for people to destroy*

Eggman: ...You could've used the door you know...

Part three - Finally becoming a couple :3

Josh and mint: *Playing SSBB With each other*

Metal sonic: *Rings the doorbell* Pizza

Mint: *Pauses the game and opens the front door* I didn't order pizza...

Metal sonic: *Lasers mint and Makes her unconcious*

Josh: *Heard the laser* Was that metal sonic?! *Looks at mint to see she's unconcious, Then sees metal sonic* ...METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDDDDD:<

Metal sonic: *Charges up a huge laser*

Josh: *Tackles metal sonic*

Metal sonic: *Lasers josh in the face* Yeah in the face! :D

Josh: *Dodges it* More like, IN THE MIRROR! *Holds up a mirror and reflects metal sonic's laser onto metal sonic*

Metal sonic: *The laser destroyed one of my arms*...YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT! *Lasers josh*

Josh: *Falls unconcious...*

Metal sonic: *Picks up josh and mint, Then throws them into a volcano*

Josh: *Wakes up while in the air, Falling into the volcano, And looks down at the lava* WTF AAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Metal sonic: *Starts lasering more people*

Josh: *Hugs mint (Who is still unconcious) While falling* ;^;

Mint: *Wakes up* ...............................*Looks at the lava* I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE BY QUICKSAND. D:

Josh: Mint i know we can get out of this problem somehow we just need to think

Mint: Well we don't have the chaos emeralds now don't we?


???: *Catches josh and mint and flies them to safety, Then flies away, Not revealing who she was*

Josh: I'm glad we're alive at least...

Mint: I was scared *Hugs josh*...

Josh: *Suprised, Then hugs back.*...

Sonic: *Appears behind josh and mint* C'mon kiss each other already!

Mint: .........

Josh: ...*Kisses mint*

Mint: ... *Blushes, She didn't know josh would ever kiss her*

Sonic: I love happy endings :)

                                                                        THE END!!! 

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Who was the mysterious person who saved mint and josh?

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She's a bird

She's one of my first fan characters

Her name is the name of a flower

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