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A Hoverbot is a small, one-man (or one-machine) hovercraft. Introduced in SatAM, hoverbots see a lot of use in police & security roles. However, they have a number of weaknesses, one of which is the color blue


Hoverbots are open-topped machines powered by anti-gravity engines. They are armed with twin laser cannons. Although hoverbots are very fast, they have little to no armor. Furthermore, its open-top design leaves the operator vulnerable to gunfire. Also, unlike hover units, hoverbots cannot fly to great heights, but they can fly rather high.


In BearfootTruck's universe, hoverbots had been manufactured in Mobius even before the fall of the Acorn government. This can also be seen in the SatAM episode "Blast to the Past", where hoverbots were used by the Acorn government for police patrols. Dr. Robotnik liked the design so much that he chose to continue manufacturing them after he took over the country.


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BearfootTruck's Universe

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

Hoverbots take part in the ambush of Sonic & Shadow, along with some of Robotnik's other creations. Later on, a hoverbot almost catches Espio sneaking around Eggopolis. Near the end of the story, a group of hoverbots & SWATbots attempt to capture Sonic & co. as they're heading to Robotnik's HQ. However, Shadow destroys them with a Chaos Blast.

Mighty Sonic

After Shadow is knocked out, a group of hoverbots captures Rouge, Amy & Antoine in Eggopolis.

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  • Hoverbots are not to be confused with the similarly-named hover unit.
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