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Hover unit

A Hover Unit is a type of flying car manufactured in Mobius. Introduced in SatAM, hover units have been used for civilian and military purposes. Sonic & the Freedom Fighters have even used them for some of their plans.


Hover units are egg-shaped and are powered by an anti-gravity propulsion unit. Unlike stealthbots, they cannot fly unmanned. However, they can fly to great heights. They may be armed with twin laser cannons for police/military usage. Though fast, hover units are not as well-protected as stealthbots. In BearfootTruck's Universe, they can be taken down by ordinary small arms such as assault rifles or submachine guns.


In BearfootTruck's universe, hover units were constructed for some time before Robotnik's takeover. After his takeover, Robotnik adopted and optimized the hover unit for his Empire's military usage. Like the stealthbot, the hover unit has received very few changes.


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BearfootTruck's Universe

Mighty Sonic

A gang of SWATbots uses a couple of hover units to fly to the city of San Santos and capture the stars of Super Changin' Muscle Rangers. Later, Hank Sorin flies to Mobius in his own personal hover unit, along with his friend/business partner Sheldon Leib.

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  • In SatAM, Robotnik is shown using his own personal hover unit, which is painted black & red, and is equipped with twin laser cannons. This contradicts the information in BearfootTruck's stories, where Robotnik uses the Eggmobile as his main form of transportation. However, it's very likely that he also has a customized hover unit for diplomatic purposes (yeah right, like the Doctor believes in diplomacy).
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