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The royal crest of the Hedgehogs

The House of Hedgehog (otherwise known as the Hedgehog Royal Family) is a fictional royal family of anthropomorphic hedgehogs from the Sonic Underground cartoon and the comic book special Crossover Chaos. They are symbolized by a crest that looks like a stylized H blended with a C. They reside in Castle Hedgehog, the crown jewel of Mobotropolis.


Queen Aleena

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Prince Manic

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Princess Sonia

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Prince Sonic

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Sir Charles Hedgehog

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The King of Mobius (or queen) is the current ruler of the planet as well as the dimension of Mobodoon. He lives in a very grand palace with his family and royal court; sometimes, if the royal family is very wealthy, they have many palaces for summer and winter.


The wisest of the rulers were involved in wars, ensured there is enough food and water to go around for the people, and settled arguments petty or not. The king also had the power to levy taxes on the citizens in the past, but Takeshi doesn't do this anymore as he feels that it is intrusive and bothersome.


Generally, the crown is passed from ruler to his or her children, with no gender preference meaning if a male is born after a female, the female with still inherit the crown. The crown heir is usually the eldest (Takeshi, or "Sonic" being an example); coregency of the kingdom is impossible. (Coregency means all of the children in a royal family rule the planet together.)

Ascension to the Throne

In order to gain the title of king or queen, the selected heir must be coronated. The coronation is a formal ceremony which begins with an entrance, then carefully-written speeches being orated by the new ruler and his consort. After that the new rulers are crowned and the royal court is assembled; positions are usually assigned to members of the monarch's immediate family, such as brothers, sisters or uncles, but also a few trusted friends and compatriots as well.

Magical Artifacts

The Source of All

The "Source of All" is an omnipotent and sentient substance that created the universe and supplies all the cosmic matter necessary to create the base material for life and everything else. The Source, as a result, exists in everyone and everything in the universe, but not in any degree noticeable, but, if en-masse, can channel and produce vast amounts of magical energy.


Interactions with the Hedgehogs

For reasons unknown, the Source has shared a long history with the ruling leaders of Mobius, the House of Hedgehog, most likely because, as per its rules, it shares its power with those powerful enough to lead others. The Source established a long relationship with the royal family, as at every member's 17th birthday, the member was guided by their predecessor to wade into the nexus pool of Source matter located in a secret chamber at the lowest level of Castle Hedgehog in Mobotropolis, where they bonded with the Source for life. The Source also determines who the member's spouse should be based on the desires of the member's heart, and provides council to the family's members during times of crisis, much like it did for King Jules during the Great War. After much talk with his brother and sister, Sonia and Manic, Sonic went ahead and made the attempt to bond with the Source of All - and accepted it upon completion. During the reign of King Frederick Archibald Hedgehog, after Jules' immersion, he directed his son to drain the residual Source matter attached to his body into a molding furnace, where it was then forged into three royal artifacts for use by the current monarch. During Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military takeover of Mobius, access to the pool was cut off with the founding of Robotropolis and the Artifacts scattered across Mobius. However, with time, the artifacts were retrieved and, following Robotnik's death at the hands of Takeshi Maurice Hedgehog, access to the pool was available once again.

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