House Rodenta
Political kingdom and mercantile house.
A rodent looking upwards.
Army Uniform:
Ruling Title:
Real Life Equivalent:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Traditional and domestic force, highly trained mercenaries, numerous spies and informants.
House Specialty:
Commerce, trading, bribery, espionauge.

House Rodenta is one of the governing houses and noble run kingdoms found on Mobius.The house is situated in the Land of the Golden Sands and very much acts like a governing kingdom of dynasty in that region. Rodenta is known to be a very mercantile house an they are known to be made up of various merchants, business owners, artisans, and craftsman. They are middle eastern in aesthetic and tradition, often very conservative for a governing house as well as traditionalists. However, House Rodenta is also known to be one of the more friendly and accepting to others as far as commerce and trade is concern as well.



For much of it's history, Rodenta has been known to be a great mercantile and very commercial house.It is known to be comprised of some of the brightest and shrewd individuals around, thus the house is known to be very business savvy as well as very good at negotiation and diplomacy.  

In times of war or tension however House Rodenta is known to to be very shifty and deceitful, they are no strangers to the arts of espionauge and manipulation They are known to have various spies around at all times and are not above thievery or even bribery of their opponents.

Base of Operations

House Rodenta is found to be the ruling kingdom in the Land of the Golden Sands, thus their main castle is known to be situated in the capital of Mousa


House Rodenta is known to be the governing body of the Land of the Golden Sands, and thus it is situated in a middle eastern and dessert like setting. The various members of the house are accustomed to this arid and dry climate so they tend to settle in warm and urban areas as well.


The traditional colors of House Rodenta has always been various shades of brown, tan, and white prior to the houses formation. However the House's personal colors are much more extravagant and are comprised of various hues of green, red, and orange. It is known that the house's standing military colors is that of white and green though.


Rodenta was founded by various middle eastern rodent clans of various species. After several family feuds many of the clans got together and settled upon diplomatic marriage between themselves in order to unite under one entity. With their combined wealth and social status, Rodenta became a prominent kingdom in the Land of the Golden Sands, as well as a very good business partner for outside merchants as well.


While the house tries to remain neutral and supportive of many sides, in times of tension, or when dealing with unreasonable enemies,(such as the Egg Empire) House Rodenta is known to possess a fairly competent traditional force comprised of various serfs and paid local partisans.  However, there are a few specialized units that are worth noting among their forces, such as, (but not limited to);

Rodenta Dessert Warriors

These brave and ferocious tribal warriors have lived in the arid sands for centuries, and thus are accustomed to surviving in such a harsh climate and terrain. They tend to be very self-sufficient with a weapon due to being natural hunters, and carry their own water supply in a sparingly manner. Also being rodents they are excellent at hiding in villages and even beneath the sands, as well as creating a variety of tunnel networks to travel and operate in.

Rodenta Spies

These sneaky little, (actually they're average height for Mobians usually), rodents are employed by the house to be their eyes and ears. Due to their secretive and advanced training they are capable of moving through urban areas going completely unnoticed, infiltrating or even posing as a variety of disguises, and even sabotaging or stealing from the houses enemies.

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Serving the House

Serving the House.

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