"Honor and Duty!"-House Canis Motto

House Canis is one of the Great Houses in The Golden Sands and a major player in the conflict over the Golden Water. It is a house comprised of all canine like antrho beings from wolves, jackals,dingos,to dogs, to foxes.Canis is known to be a rather modernized house and one that values committment to one's own people, as well as honor and sacrfice above all else. The house is lead by a leader simply known as "the Chief' and it's army is well balanced, modern, and versitile.  


  • Nathan the fox (soldier)
  • The Chief (leader)
  • Balta the wolf (soldier)


Dispite it's tribal upbringing, house Canis is seemed as one of the most advanced and modern of the Great Houses, thus it's people have devloped law, civil rights, and guidelines within it's society.It is one of the most democratic houses,(at least in comparison to the others), and freedom loving.

Base of Operations

House Canis has several settlements and city under it's banner, but the capital of Furhaven is known to be the most populated. Furhaven is a modernized city and looks as such, it is located near the more lush and green areas of the Land of the Golden sands. 


Canines, (yes, they call themselves that), prefer various habitats that have a lot of lush vegitation such as forests and mountainous regions. While they're no stranger to combat, fighting in the desert has taken some time for them to get used to.


The official color of house Canis is dark blue, however lighter shades of blue is often seen among it's citizen population.


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