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House Alvion,(pronounced Al'vee.yon), is one of the Great Houses in The Golden Sands.It is a major imperialist like empire fighting for control of power, prestige, and wealth against the other conflicting houses, however it is known that House Alvion stands as the old, but current lead power in the region. The Alvion are masters of the skies and own the air with their vast fleet of airborne units, as well as their air-to-ground airborne divisions.


  • Queen Amijad the Falcon.


The Alvion are long known to establish and promote various imperialistic like policies, thus they are seen as sort of empire in their own right.They have a long standing empire and are known to promote law and order among their people with an imperial monarchy at the head of their system of government.

Base of Operations

The capital of the Alvion is Areonatus, the "Flying City". This wondrous marvel of Alvion engineering is as breathtaking and mind boggling as it is mystifying. From atop the skies over Alvion territory is a massive floating city held up by thousands, if not millions  of anti-grav generators.This city not only houses, raises, and shelters it's monarchy and citizens, but also consists of fleets of alvion airships, military or otherwise as well.


Much of the Alvion are known to be accustomed to being in the air, thus their society is founded upon the capability of flight. Many of their aircraft, and members fly to and throw through the skies from Areonautis, as well as through other colonies as well. The Alvion prefer windy days where they can soar through the skies, but not rainy ones.


The Alvion are typically known to wear either golden, brown, or light blue colors. Many of their citizens live to dress up in radiant and bright colors as they soar through the skies. Their cultural instinct to feel superior to non-flying beings is shown in how they love to put on a spectacle for the natives of the Golden Sands from the skies.


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