Hot Shot is an advanced Solar-element technique. Unlike most techniques, this one is a mid-range technique.


The technique begins when the user puts both of their hands together, palms open. The user then begins to concentrate Solar energy in their hands. The energy continues to build up, and eventually forms a relatively large, noticeably unstable ball of energy. The ball then compacts for a brief moment before exploding. The explosion causes the built up Solar energy to be fired off in a way very similar to a shotgun blast. The blast lacks proper accuracy in long-range, but makes up for it with incredible power and destructive capabilities, especially at mid-range. At close-range, surviving this technique without being severely crippled is nigh-impossible. Not only is the blast devastating, but the impact itself is enough to blow back opponents. However like a shotgun, this technique carries quite a bit of recoil for the user. High-level users are capable of using this technique to a much higher degree; not only are they capable of using it one-handed, but the orb is able to be compacted to a greater degree, fire off the energy in a more concentrated fashion, and even eliminate recoil for the user.



With great impact and power, and the potential increase in power and removal of drawbacks when it comes to advanced users, this technique is marked a B-ranked ability.

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