Horror Complex
Game Sonic Dreams
Played As Sonic
Acts 3
Level Theme Supernatural Hotel
Boss The Mainframe

Horror Complex is a supernatural-themed level featured in Sonic Dreams. It is the twelth level in Sonic's story, the third in Aria's story and seventh (and final) level in Knuckles story. It is one of the locations accessible from the Egg Bunker teleport network, and is a unique building which has been taken over by Eggman to function as a prison.


Aria breaks into the Horror Complex after escaping the Mirage Desert pyramid base with the help of Sonata and learning her brother, Jet, is being held in the facility.

Sonic is deposited in the Horror Complex after his capture by Eggman in the Tempest Forest, as he is too busy priming the Egg Colossus to deal with him. Sonic attempts to simply escape the complex, but finds the building is warping around itself to prevent him from running out. Sonic deduces that he will need to use the Dream Shift to escape, and exits a disappearing manor-like structure leading straight into his next level, Mysterious Vestige.

Having restored the Chaos Emeralds with Sonata, Knuckles comes to the facility a day after the destruction of the Egg Colossus and Egg Dreadnought to destroy the main computer. Dr Eggman, determined not to lose yet another base of operations in all of the other locations throughout the events of the game, chases after Knuckles, ready to outright kill him.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Act Name: Fear Enough
Level Number: 12
Areas: 1
Previous Stage: Tempest Forest
Next Stage: Mysterious Vestige

Sonic's level requires heavy use of the Dream Shift - far more than any other of his stages do - in order to prevent such frequent shifts in the geography and escape the facility. The dream shift creates doors in the walls, builds stairs out of nowhere and stop shifts in the layout, sometimes mid-shift.

Due to the nature of the stage, the majority of the action takes place in larger hotel rooms. Ethereal floating objects, including lamps and beds, often need to be used to create homing attack chains or to use as platforms to progress.

Certain corridors contain quick-step sections where the doors fly open to hit Sonic and ghosts fly up.

The last major room, the largest in the level, houses large floating spheres of water. As in Sonic Colours, Sonic can jump indefinitely in water to reach switches which reduce the size of the water spheres. The order in which these switches are hit should be considered, as less water to jump indefinitely in makes it harder to reach the others.

Through the use of the Dream Shift, Sonic reaches the centre of the complex, blasting straight past the The Mainframe. The shock causes a corridor to collapse as Sonic boosts straight out of the complex, into the Mysterious Vestige.

Aria the Hawk

Aria the Hawk

Act Name: Prison of Horrors
Level Number: 3
Areas: 1
Assist Character: Jet the Hawk
Boss: The Mainframe
Previous Stage: Mirage Ocean
Next Stage: Lunatic Gate

Aria starts out in the reception area and the stairwell. The big gimmick of Aria's stage are the paintings on the wall. In the stairwell, most of the enemies in the painting will come alive and attack Aria. Aria only enters two hotel rooms in the entire level, the rest of it is spent in the corridors and stairwells, though later, paintings pull Aria and Jet into a distorted world filled with ghostly badniks which have to be defeated.

The first room Amy enters is where Jet is found facing his greatest fear: unending defeat at the hands of Sonic. Aria must leave the Egg Walker behind to reach Jet, as the chasm representing the Babylon garden is too large to hover across. In this room, badniks must be eliminated with Jets help and blow up a jet to create a turbulence which Jet can ride back to the door.

The other room is near the end, and has a haunted ruin-like appearance. The level ends with Aria blowing up a weak point in the structure of the ruins, arriving in the central control room, to her boss fight with The Mainframe.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna

Act Name: What's Left To Fear?
Level Number: 7
Areas: 1
Boss: The Mainframe
Previous Stage: Mysterious Vestige

As Knuckles final level, his stage is considerably more difficult than the others. Following the damage Sonic and Aria did to the facility in their story, the complex behaves far more erratically. It simply fails to load large parts of the rooms, leaving blank spaces or basic geography following the design of the central control room. Knuckles can use this to his advantage to simply punch his way through the facility, though as it collapses, glitches in the programming can prevent him from climbing blank surfaces.

Knuckles doesn't enter the corridors much in his level, instead passing directly from room to room by destroying the walls or passing through glitches. Objects that floated benevolently in Sonic's stage - such as tables and beds - fly around erratically to attack Knuckles. Knuckles can also dig straight through the walls of the facility to get to different rooms.

Like Aria's level, Knuckles ends with him punching his way through a horde of enemies and into the central control room, where he faces off against The Mainframe and Dr. Eggman.


The Horror Complex doesn't have a fixed structure, the corridors and rooms shift around endlessly around each other, a feature Eggman has used to turn the building into an inescapable prison. Corridors can extend in any direction, even vertically, and rooms that appear to be the size of a broom cupboard may extend far beyond what would appear to be physically possible, and vice versa.

It takes the appearance of an old, tacky hotel, with red, patterned carpets and cream-yellow walls with dark gold, art nouveau patterns. The lamps, beds and tables all scream "cheap 1980's hotel".

When the paintings pull in Aria, they take her to a distorted bubble dimension with a smoky appearance. Pillars with skeleton designs hold up a low ceiling, and creepy blue wisps fly around, leaving flaming blue trails in their wake.

The central control room - and the "glitches" in Knuckles stage - has a plain black design with blue grid-lines fanning out from the mainframe like a spider web. These lines climb up the walls and ceilings, and are reminiscent of landscape from Tron. This is hinted to be the true appearance of the facility, with the hotel theme being a "desktop" of sorts.

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