Method of Fusion
Rings of Amalgam
Increased endurance, increased strength, increased speed, flight, access to Rage Gene
His own body
"I...I cannot...CONTROL IT!"
"I am have to....DEFUSE!"

Horen is the result of a fusion between Hincho the Rabbit and Soren the Hybrid by using the Rings of Amalgam. Horen is, like most fusions, more powerful than either fusees by severalfold, however due to the conflicting personalities between Soren and Hincho and their hate for each other, this fusion is very hard to control, and will often defuse after some time.

While he has access to the Rage Gene, it was never known how he could use it, due to the sheer intense conflict inside his head between the personalities of Soren and Hincho. This is why he is known as a deadly fusion, as it is unpredictable what his moves would be if the two of them ever fused again.


Horen stands at 196 centimetres in height, with long greyish-blue hair that extends to his rear, in the same style as Hincho, although his hair makes a noticeable fringe, in the style of Soren's hair. Like both Soren and Hincho, he has white fur covering his body, however he inherits Hincho's structure, as he has a muscular build which actually surpasses Hincho's own, as well as the addition of a visible muscular pack located near his large chest fluff. Like Hincho, his fur strands act like a metal, although they are twice as strong as what Hincho possesses. This makes it hard for Horen to feel attacks such as punches, kicks, stabs and gunshots, although energy attacks and incredibly strong physical attacks can still damage him somewhat.

He possesses a pair of glowing orange eyes, with pupils that appear as a lighter shade of orange. He inherits this from both Hincho and Soren, as their eye colours have mixed. A pair of long rabbit-like ears droop from his head, with a bluish interior and greyish-blue tints on the outside. The same colour can be seen around his muscles on his body. Like both participants of the fusion, Horen has a large patch of fluff on his chest which is the same colour as his hair.

His tail is a strange shape, as it appears to have a crescent curve before becoming like Soren's own wolf-like tail, although it is smaller.

His attire consists of Soren's trousers, although in a larger size, and the Rings of Amalgam located on each of his index fingers. He walks barefoot, and thus shows his impressive claws, which he also has on the tips of his fingers, possibly a trait inherited from Soren.



It is unknown what the true personality of Horen is, however what is known is that Horen is completely and utterly aggressive to almost everyone and anyone. He would most probably have gained Soren's hostile nature, and Hincho's lack of patience with those who pester him. Although, Horen seemed to have been crying the whole time he was fused, perhaps the result of being put under such emotional pressure of being combined with two brothers who hated each other.


  • The idea of "Horen" and the "Rings of Amalgam" are based on the idea of Vegito and the Potara Earrings from the DragonBall Z series and franchise.
  • The name Horen comes from a combination of the names Soren and Hincho, the two participants in this fusion.
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