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Hordaiquan is not known for its vegetation, not a single bit. The city is a neighbor to a close forest outside of the walls protecting the entire urban jungle. But beyond typical farming agriculture, Hordaiquan falls short in many fields compared to other far off lands.


The city is located across a northern mountain pass, therefore it is prone to be colder. The temperature and atmosphere of the seasons will be discussed below.


Autumn is the best and clearest time of year for Hordaiquan. During Autumnal weather, the city is rather cloudy but most days have a chance of being clear and sunny. Rare rain and cool weather is what makes the season to its citizens. It is cool and some times borderline cold during Autumn, but on the early days of the season, the city can reach temperatures of 65°F.


Winter is known to be rather rough and frigid. It is hard to stay outside with out getting chills and only reaches a record high of 20°F. Not only is this the case, but it can drag onto most of spring as well. Before the city put up a snow eviscerating shield, they would get obscene snow storms that would cover up the entirity of the city ruining agriculture. Before the shield, Hordaiquan was known as a winter wonderland. Citizens are more prone to kill themselves during winter weather too as work hours are relentless and there is never a significant break to ease the stress.


Spring is nearly nonexistant in Hordaiquan. Winter colds and chills still surround the city well into May. The only time Spring actually feels like Spring is during the later weeks of April, but only slightly. Weather is typically pleasant as the snow has stopped and skies begin to clear, it's just very cold.


Summer is both the best and worst time of year for the city. Temperature is at an all time high, bearing mostly in the 70s and low 80s. When the skies are clear, hard working Hordai citizens can enjoy nice weather and actually roam the city with out freezing. The problem with summer is that it's rarely clear, if at all. Weather is typically rainy and stormy. The heat comes from the humidity all the rain pours on the city. Summer is dangerous for citizens of the Bay and Floodlands sectors as flooding is common and ruins trade routes as well as homes.


Early Creation

Hordaiquan began as a small castle like city during ancient times. Many factions lead the land before but the original creators and settlers of Mavenland were the Draxi. This group of ancient salamanders lead the first full fledged kingdom of Mavenland, known as Horai. Horai was a melting pot for travelers and villagers alike, riddled with connectivity and a free kingdom with ambitions to grow and spread out.

The original Draxi were socialist leaders with intentions of free thought and progression. It was because of these progressive ideals why Horai grew into a large kingdom in a matter of years.

War and Control Shift

Many years passed since the Kingdom of Horai was founded and just like that many monarchies have risen and fallen from the debris. One of the most changing eras was the Haras Period. During this time frame, Horai switched hands and from many years of development, had finally entered its industrial era.

The Haras Period was brutal and one that not many forget. It all began with a war between Komodo dragons and the remains of the former leaders of Horai. A long war took place where the control of Hordaiquan switched to the dreaded Keiros Tyranny. As previously mentioned, this era is known as the industrial growth of Hordaiquan.

The old castles and ruins were replaced with bustling metallic structures and factories where Azimians would work tirelessly for little to no pay. While the technological aspect of Hordaiquan grew exponentially, the city became a hazard to the environment. It began to ruin the summer skies and drench the city with rain as well as pollute the snow system. Lots of bad came from the Keiros family, the worst of leaders was Aros.

Gladly, there was a group dedicated to assisting the poor and damaged families and citizens of then known Haras. A young culpeo and his wife set on a journey to turn the tables of war into their favor by killing Aros and ending his family's rule.

They succeeded by motivating the poor to fight the Navy Squad, the then military of Hordaiquan. After a successful fight and victory in Mount Redwood, the military barracks and tyranny of Aros were destroyed. But this happiness didn't last very long, distant relatives of the Keiros returned to assassinate and kill the Lanun leaders. They sadly succeeded and Mavenland was once again plunged into a state of tyranny.

Modern History

Haras was finally named Hordaiquan after young leader King Vendrake took control and changed the entire ways of the city. Due to its technological prowess, Hordaiquan became a futuristic city filled with crime. Vendrake lead an improved version of the Navy Squad known as the Navy Fist that were a urban street militia turned to military police force to keep the citizens of Hordaiquan in check.

Vendrake introduced a system of classism. He would punish the poor just like his ancestors did and appease to the rich, even making it impossible for poor to become rich by limiting their jobs and removing their money due to taxation.

It was these cruel acts that brought upon the force of the community again, this time under the group name of Team Codex. This is a group of highly intellectual spies and agents set to change not only Hordaiqaun, but the rest of the world to oppose tyranny on a wide scale. They were heavily influenced by the original Lanun. There is also a powerful street syndicate with governmental and political power known as The Nazar, the polar opposites of the Codex.

Since then, it's a cold/civil war between government and street gangs for who changes what in Hordaiquan as well as the entirety of Mavenland.

Significant Populations

Most of the populous is Azima, the Azimians share the city with a small amount of humans. Beside those two populations, the city also shares indigenous culture among its people. This is because a massive majority of the civilians are from other cities and continents alike.

Notable Areas

The Dragonfly Diner

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Sector 1: Princeton

This sector is the city's most populated sector. It is home to the most beautiful buildings and lakes across the city, giving it its name as the most beautiful sector. Princeton is full of bustling streets and plenty of people walking around. Princeton also has a large traffic path that can be a short cut to enter the area. The traffic in Princeton can be horrendous, as it's even caused a car crash pandemic. Despite it being the most populated, it is where only the very rich can live. With its high buildings, beautiful fountains and river tunnels, and stadium; Princeton is definitely the best thing in Hordaiquan. It is also home to the Dragonfly Diner.

Sector 2: The Bay

The bay is mostly known as the Port. The Port is home to thousands of transferring goods. The Port transports by working with underwater submarines, that transport goods with an underwater trade shoot. In the Port, people can contact/send messages to people outside of the city/province, these messages are heavily read over by government officials. The most popular bar across the city, Horker's Den, is a place where great food and alcohol is served; despite the strict government control, Horker's Den is always a good time. The Port is also a huge "get together" area as many citizens often fill the Port to meet family/get together.

Sector 3: Floodlands

The Floodlands are also known as the Wooded Pits. The entire area is full of water due to a slight flood. The area was repaired and has tons of poorly made wooded bridges connecting buildings together, unlike most of the other city that is made of concrete and metal. This area is commonly ignored and is commonly full of poverty and poorly constructed land. This is the most underprivileged area in Hordaiquan, its buildings are poorly maintained and rusty, the water is filthy, and the land structure is known to be flooded and weak. A lot of death is recorded in this area, mostly suicides.

Sector 4: The Slums

The Slums is the second poorest sector in Hordaiquan. The Slums is known for its high crime rate. It is home to the underground group known as The Codex. Much of the Slums is unreconstructed, as it has lots of broken pipes and plenty of gaps. The ground is made out of solid concrete though, making it much more stable than the Floodlands. The Slums can be categorized as the most oppressed sector due to how pressured the law is around the slums.

Sector 5: Industrial Zone

The Industrial Zone is known to be the busiest and largest area around the city. It is where many civilians work/construct. This area is heavily built as it has most of terrain metallic. The industrial zone has very few homes, unlike the Slums that is home to many empty buildings. The Industrial Zone also suffers from annoying sound, which commonly disturbs concentration. This area suffers with a horrible stench at night, this is due to common drug trades in secrecy.

Sector 6: Smugglers Price

The city's very own bazaar section, it is dedicated to selling goods among the citizens. This section is also full of thieves and many illegal dealers. Most of the things sold at Smugglers price are commonly food, snacks, and some mechanical parts. This area is widely visited, but not as often as Princeton. It can be considered very dangerous to travel alone as drug dealers and gangs surround the streets at night and some times during the day when the guard aren't around.


Hordaiquan has two means of transportation, Hover Bikes and Hover Cars. The militarized Navy Fist drive vehicles known as Angelic Canines and they drive a much faster version of the Hover Bike.

Hover Bike

The hover bike is as it is named, a hover bike. These bikes run off gasoline much similar to air planes. Unlike motorcycles or bicycles, the hover bike floats naturally. These vehicles are incredibly fast, but they do suffer in armor.

Several strong rams or gun shots against the vehicles can easily break them. These vehicles are praised for their speed and are commonly used in underground and popular races.

Hover Car

Other wise known as the Cruiser, the Cruiser is a big vehicle meant to handle groups. These vehicles hover just like the Hover Bikes, they even run off the same means of gasoline. Unlike the Hover Bike, the Cruiser can hold up to three passengers, some times even five.

These vehicles have moderate speed and have thick armor, but not as strong as some of the Navy Fist's Angelic Canine. The Cruisers are optimized for control, family comfort, and smooth driving. 

Hover Board

Commonly used by Hordai teens, the hover board is a gizmo that nearly every one can use with ease. It is a small portable board that hovers over the ground. Just like skate-boards, hover boards can do tricks and flips. What keeps the board hovering is a magnetic flame. The magnets are built to repulse the ground and instead cause the illusion of hovering.

Some models are made with the same pieces as a Hover Car/Bike. Hover Board's are signature equipment for Codex members as well. It is because of the Codex why they are being outlawed in multiple sectors of the city.

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