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Hopps the Rabbit is a minor character introduced in The Storm of Evil. He is the son of a Rabbit named Lambert, who was a friend of Wilson. Hopps is a former resident of Red Gate City found by Stan the Wolf and brought to join the Storm Fighters.


Hopps is an anthropomorphic Rabbit Avatar with amber eyes, pale gray fur patterned with white flames(like Wilson's). He wears a simple brown shirt with a red belt, green camo gloves and shoes, red-framed sunglasses, and a beige cap identical to Rex Storm's.


Hopps is laid-back and friendly. He doesn't judge others based on past actions, though he initially did not know of Stan's unfortunate deal with Infinite.


Before the Series: Hopps' past is unknown, but he is the one to tell Stan what happened to his father Wilson.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Storm of Evil: Stan returns to what remains of his old birthplace of Red Gate City with Shade the Zorua, and encounters Hopps. Hopps introduces himself and recognizes Stan as Wilson's kid(one of them, anyway). The Rabbit then explains what happened to Wilson, and leaves with Stan and Shade to find the Storm Squad. After meeting the Squad, Hopps decides to remain with them. While he learns of Stan's unfortunate circumstances, he remains friends with the Wolf. Hopps later participates in the final battle at the Base that becomes known as the Great Storm.


Being a Rabbit, Hopps can jump high, kick harder than others, and is very agile.


Unknown. It's possible that Hopps is a bit fainthearted, as he nearly passed out when he saw Infinite before the Great Storm.


Stan the Wolf

Stan is Hopps' best friend, possibly because their respective fathers, Wilson and Lambert, were friends as well. Though Hopps did not initially know of Stan's unfortunate circumstances regarding Infinite, he still views the Wolf as a friend.

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