Hope the Lycanrc is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. She is a young Rockruff who recently evolved into Midday Lycanroc during the fight against Starline and the recently-restored Dr. Eggman. She is an orphan from Rockhead Village who was adopted by Pebble the Lycanroc and Aria the Zoroark, and is the adopted sister of Flame the Torracat(who also recently evolved) and Shade the Zorua.


As Rockruff: Hope is a non-anthropomorphic puppy with floppy ears, dusty tan fur, a thick bushy tail, and dark brown paws, ear-tips, and ruff-rocks.

As Lycanroc: Hope is a Midday Lycanroc, so she is a non-anthropomorphic wolf with dusty tan fur, a dark brown nose, ear-tips, claws, rock-spikes, blue eyes, and a white face, tail, mane, and paws.


As Rockruff: Hope is sweet, friendly, and playful. She is a bit timid, but loves her new family. She doesn't mind being the only girl of the three Pokemon children adopted by Pebble and Aria, holding her own in their play-fights and against Shade's pranks.

As Lycanroc: Hope is notably more grown up, but still retains some of her puppyish personality. She is a bit confused about her new evolution, but is eager to learn so she can help her Team and family.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

At some point after the Great Rebellion, Infinite attacked Rockhead Village, destroying it and killing almost all the inhabitants, except for Rynok the Rhydon(who survived due to his sturdy body armor despite his old age) and Hope herself(possibly because she hid). Hope, an unnamed Rockruff at that time, is found by Pebble, Rex, and Stan in her house, discovering the dead bodies of her parents. The Rockruff is heard whimpering and even bites Pebble on the nose when he tries to comfort her, but she warms up to him. Pebble names her Hope, after the fact she is the last hope for Rockhead Village, as the only survivor alongside Rynok. She then lives at the Base as the adopted daughter of Pebble and Aria.

A Grant Return: Hope's role is currently unknown other than that she will evolve at some point in the story.


Hope's full moveset is confirmed to be Bite, Rock Slide, Accelerock, and Double Team.


Though her Ability was never mentioned, it was confirmed to be Keen Eye.


Being a Rock-Type, Hope is weak to Water, Steel, Ground, and Fighting-Type Pokemon.


Pebble and Aria

During the Storm Squad's quest to find Samu Komm, Pebble found Hope in her home in Rockhead Village and gave her her name. Afterward, Pebble and Aria adopted her and Flame, and later Shade when Stan brought him over to the Storm Squad.

Flame and Shade

Hope easily holds her own against her rough adopted brothers, though she loves them like actual siblings. She loves to play with them, and knows Shade is having fun when he pulls his pranks on them with his Illusions.


As Rockruff


Hope was originally going to remain a Rockruff, but this was changed.

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